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Re: Writing to Slovakia for Information

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  • frankly1us
    ... reported ... or ... direct-line ... that, ... would ... You had better specify a dollar limit for possible research charges for what you are seeking ? Can
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 18, 2002
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., "annavanek" <annavanek@n...> wrote:
      > I'm using the FHL form for requesting information and have some
      > questions which hopefully someone can help me with.
      > Under scope of the search it asks if I want to have the data
      > on genealogical forms or a complete transcription of the original
      > records. Does anyone know the differences between the two?
      > The other question is on the fees. Without knowing the hourly rate,
      > I cannot determine how much information I would get for say $100,
      > increments from that. I will be requesting data for all
      > ancestors as well as the siblings of the direct-line. Based on
      > if I wanted information on at least 3 lines of ancestors, what
      > be a dollar amount to put in to obtain that information?
      > Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
      > Researching: Vanek, Ovecka: Radimo, Slovakia
      > Also researching: Hlagky, Fajer

      You had better specify a dollar limit for possible research charges
      for what you are seeking ?
      Can always go back and restate for possible additional charges.
      Don't know what exact fees might be ?
      Doubt the archives know at this point either ?
      Their hourly rate will vary by which individual does the actual
      research ?


      You can write the Main Archives (Archív hlavného mesta
      Bratislavy) to research your surname records.
      Their narrative research report will be written in Slovak, not
      English (which is not a complete transcription of the original
      If you don't know Slovak you would need to get their research report

      There are three different rates.
      Clerical, the cheapest, the basic research, and the most difficult,
      the more expensive.
      They will do research you request then send you a bill which you must
      pay before they mail you the information.

      Slovak State Archives URLs


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