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  • Audrey Parks
    I ve found out that Peter (Petro) was born in 1854 and Clara was born in 1860. I believe that Peter s Father s name may have been Nicholas. They are
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      I've found out that Peter (Petro) was born in 1854 and Clara was born in
      1860. I believe that Peter's Father's name may have been Nicholas.

      They are apparently mentioned in the book entitled "Pioneer Settlers.
      Ukrainians in the Dauphin Area, 1896-1926". If you have access to this book,
      perhaps you would be able to know more about my Grandmother Anna Perchaluk's

      Hope this information will give another lead.

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      > I am trying to find information about my second set of Great
      > Grandparents who emigrated to Canada arriving in Quebec, Canada in
      > August 1896.
      > My Great Grandfather's name was Peter (Petro) Perchaluk and I believe
      > that he was born in the mid-1850's in Terebovla, Galicia. His wife's
      > maiden name was Zadorozny (either Clara or Barbara). How do I trace
      > back to find information about them and their respective families,
      > eg. birth dates for Peter and his wife, as well as their parents and
      > their birth dates/death dates? They settled near Dauphin, Manitoba
      > in Valley River.
      > Any information would be greatly appreciated.

      Don't know your surnames.

      From the late 1700s until the end of WW I, Poland did not exist as a
      country. It was divided among the Russian, German (Prussian), and
      Austrian Empires. These divisions were known as Partitions.
      There was Russian-Poland, German-Poland, and Austrian-Poland.

      Galicia was formerly a Austrian Kronland and part of Austro-Hungarian
      Monarchy (1867-1918). Sometimes referred to as Austrian Poland.
      Other names for the area were Galicja (Polish), Galizien (German),
      Halychyna (Ukrainian) and Rus Halicka (Polish).

      In 1918, Galicia was annexed to Poland as "Kleinpolen" (Malopolska [P],
      Little Poland [E)
      After the 1939 partition of Poland by Germany and Russia, East Galicia
      became part of Ukraine while West Galicia remained in Poland as part of
      the provisional government of Warsaw.
      Its former territories are now shared between southern Poland and
      western Ukraine.
      Under a Polish-Soviet agreement in 1945, Galicia was assigned to the
      USSR and incorporated into the Ukrainian SSR.
      After the Ukraine achieved independence in 1991, Tarnopol province was
      changed to Ternopil' oblast, Lówów to L'viv, and Stanislawów became Stanisl=
      oblast (renamed Ivano-Frankovsk oblast in 1962) and in 1991 Ivan-Frankivs'k=


      Terebovlya/Terebovla/Terbovlia/Trembowla/Tyeryebovlya was the district cent=
      in Ternpoli' region of the Ukraine.
      It is located 227 miles WSW of Kiev K | | B, Ukraine.


      As to researching your surnames, read reply to Re: Anthony Kutcher query ab=
      Your two towns were only about 10 miles distant.

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