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Re: [S-R] Arbora, austria

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      << Trying to find any info onArbora, Austria, specifically a list of
      residence for the village in 1800. My GGGrandfather was born there in 1802
      but can't find any records. Thanks.
      Larry >>

      There is a group known as the Bukovina Society of the Americas. You can find
      their Web Page at:


      The first page of their Web Site discusses "A Short History of Bukovina" and
      the first paragraph is shown here: <<Bukovina, on the eastern slopes of
      the Carpathian mountains, was once the heart of the Romanian Principality of
      Moldavia, with the city of Suceava being made its capital in 1388. In the
      15th and 16th centuries, the Painted Monasteries of Arbora, Dragomirna,
      Humor, Moldovita, Putna, Sucevita, and Voronet were constructed under the
      patronage of Stefan the Great and his son Petru Rares. With their famous
      exterior frescoes, these monasteries remain some of the greatest cultural
      treasures of Romania, today. >> You can read all about it at the above Web
      Site. And you might want to contact the Bukovina Society.
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