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Re: [S-R] Re: Orphanage Records in Slovakia

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  • Marlene K. Markotan
    Thanks for your help. That information cleared up some questions I have had. I was looking through old e-mail from this list that I have saved and I am
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 20, 2001
      Thanks for your help. That information cleared up some questions I have
      had. I was looking through old e-mail from this list that I have saved and
      I am amazed at the information you have Slovakia.

      Thanks again,

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      Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2001 8:12 AM
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., "Marlene K. Markotan" <mmarkotan@n...> wrote:
      > Frank,
      > Thanks for your help. I do have a couple of questions. I couldn't find
      > Velka Sucha on a current map. Does it still exist today? Didn't they ke=
      > records after 1878 or were they destroyed somehow? Also from what you ar=
      > saying these records are only in the Bratislava Archives not also at the
      > regional Banska Bystrica Archives like I was told? At the conference I j=
      > attend one of the speakers was there from the Presov Archives and another=

      > from the LDS church. They both thought that area was in Gemer county and=

      > was covered by the Banka Bystrica Regional Archives. The speaker from th=
      > LDS church insisted that area had been filmed even though I told him I
      > couldn't find records listed under any town in that area. I was curious =
      > that area isn't available on microfilm will it be eventually or has the
      > Slovak government stopped the LDS church from filming anymore? At one ti=
      > I was told that one of the regional archives had been filmed, but wasn't
      > available yet. The other regional archives were available and the main
      > archives in Bratislava wasn't filmed yet. I wasn't sure if this was stil=
      > true. If these records won't be available on microfilm soon that I will
      > write to the archives. I was also curious about other types of records t=
      > may be available at the archives besides church records. I wasn't sure i=
      > orphanages over there were run by the state or if they were privately own=

      > Thanks for your help,
      > Marlene

      Velká Suchá is a small settlement located just below
      Hrnc^iarska Ves and east of Poltár.
      Records exist for Poltár but these haven't been filmed by LDS
      as yet.

      For various reasons parish church records have different
      year endings.

      During 1950-1951, the Communist government of Czechoslovakia had
      all the parish churches send their old matriky (pre-1895 church
      records) to the regional State Archives for safekeeping .
      This was done through local national committees after the church
      registers were declared state property by the government.

      Some parish churches kept duplicate copies of the records.
      Druhopisy (i.e. second writing) was a duplicate copy known as the
      'bishop's copy'. So a duplicate of the original record may have been
      sent elsewhere.
      Some years have both parish records and "bishop's copies". Other years
      have only "bishop's copies", others only the parish registers. That can
      explain why a record may not be available at the parish but still be
      available elsewhere.
      >From 1828, the parish was obliged to make a copy of entries and
      send them to archives, so some records are preserved in duplicate.

      The LDS-Mormons has filmed all the parish church records at six
      of the seven regional Slovak State Archives in Slovakia.

      I waited 5 years for the LDS microfilms from the Bytc^a Archives.
      After filming the microfilms are sent to Germany for quality control
      check and only after passing inspection are they sent to FHL in SLC.
      Only then are they availble for possible distribution to a local LDS

      The LDS just finished filming in Bytc^a and now will be filming the
      records at the last Slovak Archives - Bratislava.

      The LDS is still filming in Slovakia.
      The Slovak Archives have only parish church records of the various
      religious denominations.

      There is a 1983 inventory of church records in the state archives in
      Banská Bystrica, Slovakia; formerly Beszterczebánya, Zólyom megye,
      Text in Slovak.
      It is now 2001, 18 years after this fact, and LDS is still filming records.=

      BB was not located in Gömör megye.

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