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Re: Orphanage Records in Slovakia

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  • frankur@att.net
    ... hey microfilmed orphanage records? My husband s grandfather, Andrew Markota= n was suppose to have been an orphan and raised in an orphanage. He was bor=
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 15, 2001
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., "Marlene K. Markotan" <mmarkotan@n...> wrote:
      > When the LDS Church microfilmed records in Slovakia does anyone know if t=
      hey microfilmed orphanage records? My husband's grandfather, Andrew Markota=
      n was suppose to have been an orphan and raised in an orphanage. He was bor=
      n Oct 29, 1894 in Hrnciarske Zaluzany which is near the city of Rimavska Sob=
      ota. The regional archives for that area is Banska Bystrica. When I was at=
      the Czech-Slovak Conference a week ago a speaker from the LDS church told m=
      e that records from that archives was available. Another speaker told my hu=
      sband they aren't available yet. When I enter those cities on the LDS web s=
      ite to search for microfilm they don't show up. Does anyone know if they ar=
      e available?
      > It is possible that since Andrew was an orphan someone just assumed he wa=
      s raised in an orphanage. He could have been raised by a relative. On his =
      Social Security Application his mother is listed as Katherine Markotan and t=
      he father unknown. Andrew immigrated to Canada with a friend, Louis Markota=
      n, in 1924. Later they moved to Fayette Co. PA. According to the family An=
      drew and Louis were just friends, not relatives. I'm sure they are related =
      somehow. I have contacted Louis' family and they have traced their family 3=
      -4 generation into Slovakia. We can't make any connection with their family=
      > Thanks,
      > Marlene Markotan

      The LDS-Mormons filmed the parish church records (baptisms,
      marriages, and deaths) at 6 of the 7 regional Slovak State
      They haven't filmed at the Bratislava Archives as yet.
      The Slovak Archives wouldn't have orphanage records.
      The 7 Slovak State Archives are not the same as the 35 okres (district) arc=

      The R.C. parish church records (1716-1878) for Hrnc^iarske
      Zaluz^any are listed under Vel'ká Suchá.
      Note these records ended in 1878.
      Civil registration didn't begin in Hungary until 1895.
      The LDS doesn't appear to have filmed these records but they
      should be at the regional Slovak State Archives.

      The 35 local county archives (okresene archivy) has many materials
      have not been catalogued.
      And the uncatalogued material are not available.

      Slovak State Archives (7)

      Banská Bystrica

      You can write the Main Archives (Archív hlavného mesta Bratislavy)
      to research your surname records.
      Their narrative research report will be written in Slovak, not English.
      If you don't know Slovak you would need to get their research report

      There are three different rates.
      Clerical, the cheapest, the basic research, and the most difficult, the mor=
      e expensive.
      They will do research you request then send you a bill which you must
      pay before they send the information.

      Slovak State Archives URLs


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