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    ... oring Galicija (Poland) Early in 15th c the 16 towns in the northen Spis^ region of central Slovakia (including Stará L ubovn^a and L ubica)- near to but
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., RAYMOND HOBER <elmtowne@y...> wrote:
      > I would appreciate it if anyone has any information on
      > a town or village named Gnezda.It may be in the
      > northeastern part of what is now Slovakia.I am looking
      > for my grandfather By the name of Joseph
      > Hobor/Hober.He Emigrated to the US in 1896. Thanks Ray

      Hniezdne (Sk) Gnézda (H) is located 178 miles ENE of Bratislava and just
      west of Stará L'ubovn^a (Sk) O'lubló (H) in eastern Slovakia.

      Interesting region.
      Germans, Slovaks, Rusyns, Croatians, Hungarians, and Poles.
      Don't know which group settled here first in 12th, 14th, and 16th

      Not all people in East Central Europe who later spoke German
      owed their heritage to German settlers. Many were descendants of
      Germanized Slavs and in some cases Magyars whose ancestors had
      intermarried with neighbors of Germanic origin.

      It was during the 13th c that organized efforts were undertaken to settle
      Carpathian Rus' (Rusyns) with East Slavic farmers and shepherds from neighb=
      Galicija (Poland)
      Early in 15th c the 16 towns in the northen Spis^ region of central
      Slovakia (including Stará L'ubovn^a and L'ubica)- near to but not including=

      the royal Saxon towns of Käsmark and Leutschau - were sold to Poland, under=

      whose rule they remained 1412-1772.

      The LDS-Mormons have filmed the R.C. parish church registers (1624-1904) fo=
      Gnazdá (now spelled Hniezdne), Slovakia; formerly known as Gnézda, Szepes
      megye (county), Hungary.
      Text in Latin and Hungarian.

      film #

      These microfilm reels are available for rental and viewing at any
      Family History Center (FHC) worldwide.
      90% of patrons are non-Mormons doing surname research.

      LDS - Mormon FHCs - LOCATIONS

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