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  • mpetzolt2@webtv.net
    Many of you are writing to me privately to ask about have I been unsubbed? because you are getting no mail from the lists I run, or even other genealogy
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2001
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      Many of you are writing to me privately to ask about "have I been
      unsubbed?" because you are getting no mail from the lists I run, or even
      other genealogy lists.

      Please realize that people's minds are not on genealogy right now, and
      there are very few messages being sent about genealogy. The SHAMROCK,
      CountyCork and Waterford lists are running as usual, just very slow.

      Regretably, due to the hateful actions of a few people, I have had to
      put Slovak-Roots on moderation, meaning all posts have to come to me
      first for approval. I do not expect this to last forever, only until
      things calm down and those trying to cause the problem either leave of
      their own choosing, or are banned from the list. Messages not relating
      to genealogy are not being sent on to that list, and so far, only one
      has been sent on.

      MyFamily.com/Ancestry (which owns Rootsweb.com Inc.) has created a
      message board for those who wish to post messages of "condolences,
      sorrow and prayers" relating to our current tragedy, but they make the
      statement that this message board is "not for discussion of resolving
      issues or discussing searching for those who are responsible".
      Basically, this company which runs the Rootsweb mailing lists, is trying
      to give those who wish to do so , an outlet for messages, as they
      recognize that the genealogy mailing lists are being misused for this
      purpose. (That's not "unAmerican", that's just what I've been saying
      myself, these lists are -not- the outlet for these messages.)

      The url to this board is

      We are living in uncertain times, and tomorrow is not promised to any of
      us. Our minds are not on genealogy, but on life and our futures. The
      lists are here, but I do expect they will be much quieter, at least for
      some time. I would ask you all to keep those who lost their lives in
      your thoughts and prayers.

      If anyone needs assistance with any list problems, or anything else,
      please contact me privately.

      Maura Petzolt

      Maura Petzolt mpetzolt2@...
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