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Company for book and road atlas

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  • sabinov@xxxxx.xxx
    I went through my records and found I purchased that Handy Guide to Hungarian Genealogical Records from Genealogical Supply Catalog at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 1999
      I went through my records and found I purchased that "Handy Guide to
      Hungarian Genealogical Records" from Genealogical Supply Catalog at
      http://www.itsnet.com/~genum They do not have it in their current
      listings (tho they still have the Austrian Guide, which I also purchased
      and have not found useful). They say they are phasing out the books and
      going to concentrate on maps and archival storage items.

      They DO have the Slovak Republic Road Atlas, which I also purchased from
      them for only $25 (much less than a certain person on another list was
      asking for it, he wanted $56 I think). They also have this for the Czech
      Republic and its a wonderful source. I would recommend this to anyone
      doing any searching in this area.

      Maura Petzolt Mobile Alabama USA
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