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Re: [S-R] Church records

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  • frankur@att.net
    ... that ... realize that ... residing in ... these Huba ... When I ... lower end ... related ... other ... little ... Vienna. ... about ... The LDS-Mormons
    Message 1 of 41 , Sep 1, 2001
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., "Milan Huba" <illy@f...> wrote:
      > Wow!
      > I lived with my grandparents in Luzna when I was a little boy. At
      > time, nobody had electricity, much less a telephone. I didn't
      realize that
      > there were any Huba's left in Luzna...other than those quietly
      residing in
      > the cemetery.
      > I will be visiting Luzna in October. I'll try to locate some of
      these Huba'
      > s, but I am relatively sure that I am not related to any of them.
      When I
      > was a boy, I remember there was another Huba family living in the
      lower end
      > of town (nizny konec). My grandmother assured me that we were not
      > to them; although we apparently were related to just about every
      > family in Luzna.
      > My mother's family comes from another town called Vysoka pri Morave
      > (formerly called Hochstetno, Hochstadt and Magasfalu). This is a
      > town on the Slovak side of the Morave river about 20 kilometers from
      > Do you have any idea where I where I can get historical information
      > this town?
      > Once again, I want to thank you for your help
      > Milan Huba

      The LDS-Mormons filmed the R.C. matriky (1787-1895) for Liptovská
      Lúz^na, Slovakia, formerly Luzsna (H), Liptó megye (county), Hungary.
      Text in Latin and Hungarian.

      film #

      Originals are at the regional Slovak Archives at Bytc^a where the LDS
      is just finishing filming records.

      Next comes the main Bratislava Archives where filming will probably
      take LDS another 2-3 years.

      Vysoká pri Morave is located 164 miles SE of Praha in Slovakia.
      Hochstetno in Czech ? Hochstadt in German (meaning high town)
      In Magyar its name was Nagymagasfalu (meaning big + top +
      ville (village)
      The LDS-Mormons didn't film the R.C. matriky (1648-1895) for Vysoká
      pri Morave as yet because these are under the Bratislava Archives.
      But, R.C. parish church records (1648-1895) do exist for Vysoká pri
      Probably written in Latin, Hungarian, and German ?

      So you will need to write the the Main Archives (Archív hlavného
      mesta Bratislavy) to research your surname records.
      Their narrative research report will be written in Slovak, not
      If you don't know Slovak you would need to get their research report

      There are three different rates.
      Clerical, the cheapest, the basic research, and the most difficult,
      the more expensive.
      They will do research you request then send you a bill which you must
      pay before they send the information.

      Slovak State Archives URLs



      Huba means mouth or mushroom in Slovak.
    • Bernardine Weigand
      Mine is the Cierne Pole which is very close to the Ukraine border. I thought it translated to Black Field. However, I did not know that another meaning for
      Message 41 of 41 , Sep 2, 2001
        "Mine" is the Cierne Pole which is very close to the Ukraine border. I thought it translated to Black Field. However, I did not know that another meaning for "Pole" is boundary. So, that does make sense, as I believe it is about 8 km from the border. Perhaps it's both. My ancestors were farmers and horse traders and I think the farmland was very rich and dark.

        Hopefully we shall be visiting the village again this year while on our up-coming trip.

        John wrote:
        > At 02:00 AM 9/2/01 -0400, you wrote:
        > >...........................................................
        > >...............................................................
        > >This is a great site..the breakdowns within each okres is very good as all
        > >the little villages are on each map. I even found "my" little "Cierne Pole".
        > >
        > >Thank you Bernardine
        > I guess Cierne Pole would translate to Black: Pole = acre, array, boundary,
        > domain, field, lay, paddock, region, scope, seat, span, sphere, terrain,
        > yard. I didn't realize there were that many meanings to the word
        > "pole". I'm guessing "field" but it comes close to being "boundary" in
        > this case. There are 2 Cierne Pole according to Mapquest and they are at
        > the opposite ends of Slovakia. One is near the Austrian border and the
        > other near the Ukraine border. You're welcome.
        > John
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