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  • frankur@att.net
    ... Ellis Island site and never had any luck. After I got your post, I followed the link, expecting not to connect again, and this time I made it onto the
    Message 1 of 16 , Jul 27, 2001
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., Cherilyn Swenson <cherilynsw@y...> wrote:
      > Eureka! Thank you frankur@a... !! I had tried to get onto the
      Ellis Island site and never had any luck. After I got your post, I
      followed the link, expecting not to connect again, and this time I
      made it onto the site. I found my grandmother's entire family, minus
      her father, who I know came over earlier. Plus, I found some other
      names that I believe may be cousins of hers that came over from Kurima
      as well.
      > Next question -- according to the site, my grandmother was 5 months
      old when they arrived in late 1903. She always was adamant that she
      was born in the US, but I suspected otherwise from other stories I had
      heard. Any ideas on how I might find her birth record in Kurima? Is
      there a "vital records" or would it be better to go through the Roman
      Catholic church in the village for baptismal records?
      > Thanks
      > Cherilyn

      Not unless your GM had been born on the ship within the 12 mile limit
      of U.S. territorial waters on the voyage to the U.S.

      The LDS-Mormons filmed the R.C. matriky (1714-1895) for Kurima,
      Slovakia, formerly Kurima, Sáros megye (county), Hungary.
      Text in Latin and Hungarian.

      film #

      The LDS-Mormons filmed the G.C. parish church records (1852-1924) for
      Ort'utová, Slovakia, formerly Ortutó, Sáros megye (county), Hungary.
      Includes affiliated towns of KURIMA, Slovakia, formerly KURIMA , Sáros
      megye(county), Hungary, and Hazlín, Slovakia, formerly Hazslin, Sáros,
      Text in Latin, Hungarian and Ruthenian.

      film #

      These microfilm reels are available for rental and viewing at any
      Family History Center (FHC) worldwide.
      90% of patrons are non-Mormons doing surname research.

      LDS - Mormon FHCs - LOCATIONS


      Some abbreviations used for various denominations :
      Hungarian English
      rk.-RK. római katholikus Roman Catholic
      gk. GK. görög katholikus Greek Catholic/Byzantine
      kg. KG. keleti görög Greek Oriental (Eastern Orthodox)
      ag. AG. ágostai Evangelical (Lutheran)
      ref. REF. református Reformed (Calvinist)
      izr. IZR. izraelita Israelite (Jewish)

      Only the film header titles are in Slovak.
      In Slovak the matriky (parish church records)
      Krstení = Baptisms (Christenings)
      Sobás^ení = Marriages
      Zomrelí = Deaths

      In Hungarian the matriky are titled anyakönyvek.

      Kereszteltek Anyakönyve = Baptism Records
      Házasultak Anyakönyve = Marriage Records
      Halottak Anyakönyve = Death Records

      In Latin the matriky are titled matricula.
      Matricula Baptisatorum = Baptism Records
      Matricula Copulatorum = Marriage Records
      Matricula Defunctorum = Death Records

      During 1950-1951, the Communist government of Czechoslovakia had
      all the parish churches send their old matriky (pre-1895 church
      records) to the regional State Archives for safekeeping .
      This was done through local national committees after the church
      registers were declared state property by the government.
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