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Re: elusive grandmother

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    ... her ... of ... not much ... 1892-1896 ... Do they ... Garden? ... Through Castle Garden in 1892 ... I don t think so. Castle Garden (Battery) was used as
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 15, 2001
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., Okeefe25@a... wrote:
      > I'm having trouble finding my grandmother Anna Figuli. I have
      > death and
      > marriage certificate, a record of her marriage from the state
      > Michigan.
      > I have contacted every Figuli in Slovakia and the U.S. with
      not much
      > results.
      > Grandmother came through Castle Garden sometime around
      > and she never collected Social Security.
      > Anna Figuli was born in Klenovetz,Slovakia in June 1865?
      > We have a LDS center in our city, is that my last resource?
      Do they
      > have
      > records for Klenovetz and passengers who came through Castle
      > Thanks,
      > Katherine

      Through Castle Garden in 1892 ... I don't think so.

      Castle Garden (Battery) was used as an immigration station
      There are no passenger lists for Castle Garden.

      Pending the building of the Ellis Island station the old Barge Office
      was used as the NYC immigration station.
      On January 1892 Ellis Island was ready for use and it was used
      as such until June 15, 1897 when the two buildings burned down.
      Once again the old Barge Office was used until Dec. 18, 1899 when
      rebuilt Ellis Island reopened.

      The Ellis Island records list 21 of 57 surname Fugli under :


      All the same place, Klenovce (Sv) Klenóc (H) located on the Klenovská
      Rimava potok (stream) 130 miles ENE of Bratislava and near Hnús^t^a,

      A János (John) Figuli (b. 1865) immigrated in 1892.

      A Johanna Figuli (b. 1866 ?) immigrated in 1892.

      The LDS may not have filmed the R.C. or Lutheran parish church records
      for Klenovce, but nevertheless these records are at the regional
      Slovak State Archives.

      Frank Kurcina
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