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      << Ok, Well if there are 6 different Podhorie in Slovakia, where do I start???
      Help Please!!!! >>

      Linda: Podhorie, with its 6 different Podhorie is apparently known as
      Mikroregion Podhorie. Check out the following:

      If you take your Browser to: www.tourist-channel.sk/sdruzenia/indexen.php3
      and look down the list you will find that there is a "Mikroregion Podhorie."
      And when you go there you will get the following information (And there is a
      map that shows the location of Mikroregion Podhorie):



      Microregion with its area of 94.5km2 is situated to the north of district
      town Bánovce nad Bebravou (Bánovce upon Bebrava), at the upper flow of the
      Bebrava river.
      Podhorie consists of eight villages: Cˇierna Lehota, Krásna Ves, Podluzˇany,
      Slatina nad Bebravou, Slatinka nad Bebravou, Sˇípkov, Timoradza and

      They are 220km away from the Vienna airport and 165km from the Bratislava
      airport. You can take advantage of a very good access from Bratislava to
      Bánovce nad Bebravou (150km by highway and first class drive-way) and from
      this place 10-25km to the villages.

      In Podhorie there are waiting for you many beautiful natural sceneries, clean
      atmosphere and water, deep forests, unique plants, animals and natural
      phenomena with unique opportunities to go walking, riding your bicycles and
      in winter-time to go skiing.
      You are welcome by hospitable citizens of Podhorie who will offer you
      accomodation, delicious regional dishes and other services. Podhorie will
      offer in addition to this many rich cultural experiences - towns Trencˇín,
      Topolˇcˇany, spa town Trencˇianske Teplice, Bojnice, Piesˇtˇany are
      situated 10-90km far away from Podhorie.
      The biggest wealth of Podhorie is nature - kinds of plants and animals
      typical for this area have been drawn attention of naturalists within living
      memory. Nowadays there are 15 natural reservations. Underground waters which
      are gathered in limestones and dolomites of the Slatinsk‡ carst are very
      important and are source of drinking water.
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