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Re: [S-R] Need help finding a village of origin

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  • foomiester@aol.com
    ... Dankulich ... greatgrandfather ... 1900s. ... one ... contains ... is ... believe ... again, you ... I was ... Hi John , Thanks for that info !I did search
    Message 1 of 3 , May 7, 2001
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., John <jmatsko@p...> wrote:
      > At 11:57 PM 5/6/01 +0000, you wrote:
      > >able to send me in the right direction :-)Her name was Anna
      > >(Dankulic would be the Slovak spelling)She married my
      > >Juraj Rosko and they lived in the village of Husak in the early
      > >Husak is near the Ukraine border.I have search in Slovakia for this
      > >surname with no luck-----I'm wondering if perhaps I should search
      > >of the neighboring countries ?
      > The Ellis Island data base did not have a match for Dankulic but
      > 12 close matches spelled Dankulics, Dankulicz . The cz in Hungarian
      > usually pronounced as ts. The Dankulicz were from Hankocz, which I
      > was located in Zemplin county (Eastern Slovakia) and is now called
      > Hankovce. When the online Slovak phone directory starts working
      again, you
      > might try searching the for the name in towns in Eastern Slovakia.
      I was
      > able to get the site but I couldn't get beyond the homepage.
      > John

      Hi John , Thanks for that info !I did search Ellis Island---and did
      not get anything---I did try alternate spelling etc---I'll have to
      try with these spelling "Dankulicz and Dankulics"---i'll almost bet
      one of them is the correct spelling. I also was searching the
      villages w/in 10 mi radius of Husak, I don't have Hankovce on my list.
      Do you know what it is near ? Thanks again-----Doreen
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