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Re: [S-R] "Do" in Maly Lipnik

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  • MGMojher
    John, Was not sure if you have come across this website. It has some land censuses transcribed - http://www.tccweb.org/malylipnik.htm#1828_Land_Census I use to
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      Was not sure if you have come across this website. It has some land
      censuses transcribed - http://www.tccweb.org/malylipnik.htm#1828_Land_Census
      I use to sources when trying to find surnames;
      http://slovnik.juls.savba.sk/ allows you to search the 1995 Slovak Census by
      surnames and locations and http://www.cisarik.com/ by surnames and
      locations. The second gives you the names of a location, a map and a list of
      surnames found in different sources. It will often come up with names in
      locations that the census "Top 10" locations given does not give. A good
      example is the following. Of all your surnames, this is the only one that
      appeared in the the census, 31 listings in 8 locations. As you see, Maly
      Lipnik is last on the list. Stara Lubovna is about 12 miles away.
      Priezvisko JOPPA sa na Slovensku v roku 1995 nachádzalo 31×, celkový počet
      lokalít: 8, v lokalitách:
      KEŽMAROK, okr. POPRAD (od r. 1996 KEŽMAROK) – 7×;
      PÚCHOV, okr. POVAŽSKÁ BYSTRICA (od r. 1996 PÚCHOV) – 3×;
      SVIT, okr. POPRAD – 3×;
      PREŠOV, okr. PREŠOV – 2×;

      In the second source for searching there were a number of Froelich living in
      Plavnica, Joppa could be found in Stara Lubovna and Svaby (now a parts of
      Presov), nothing for Kocsmarcin, Lasky is found in Svaby and Kosice and
      nothing for Yowpa and Youpa.

      This interesting find is having Joppa and Lasky both being found in Svaby
      (Presov). If they are in your records as being married to one another it can
      be deduced that they more than likely found each other in Svaby.

      Having Froelich now living in Plavnica and so close to Maly Lipnik, one
      might suspect that this is the location for that branch of your family.

      On my second trip to Slovakia I met with the Mayor of Plavnica, he was
      interested in genealogy. I wanted to ask him about a family that I was
      interested in. On hearing the surname he told me that they were not from
      Plavnica and had come from elsewhere. I found this interesting because in
      the Plavnica records they had been living there for well over a 100 years.
      To have a family in town that long to be thought of as "newcomers" gave me a
      new perspective about how a family can be viewed in Slovakia.
      Michael Mojher

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      From: John Yowpa III
      Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 10:39 AM
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [S-R] "Do" in Maly Lipnik

      thanks, Michael that is awesome. I just started my search this year and
      have been taking a break from it for the last month enjoying the summer.
      Luckily a lot is online for Maly Lipnik due to a cousin spending a ton of
      time on his branch of the family. I will be sure to contact city hall. I
      will let you know of anything I would want pictures of :) Of note, I think
      the pre 1800 parts of the family likely came from nearby villages so we may
      have distant ancestors in common. I am researching Yowpa/Youpa/Joppa +
      Froelich (and its innumerable spellings) + Lasky and its longer versions +
      Kocsmarcin (and its various spellings).
      thanks again!

      On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 1:07 PM, MGMojher <mgmojher@...> wrote:

      > **
      > John,
      > Sorry I don’t.
      > obecmalylipnik@... This is the e-mail address to Maly Lipnik City
      > Hall.
      > Since the “do” names seem to be an oral tradition I would write City Hall
      > about your search. I write out my message in simple sentences and then use
      > Google Translate to turn it into Slovak. I e-mail both versions. Since
      > English has been the second language of Slovakia since its separation from
      > the Czech Republic you usually can find a school teacher in the small
      > villages that can do translations.
      > I would tell them the surname(s) you are searching and then ask if they
      > know of any aliases that may be associated with that name. You might
      > mention how I (someone from Hromos) learned of “do” names at Plavnica City
      > Hall. You are writing to find out if they are used in Maly Lipnik.
      > http://spis.eu.sk/malylipnik/sk/fotogaleria/50.html Here are some
      > photographs of Maly Lipnik. The first photographs of Chata u Financa is a
      > place I have been to. Of all things for a gathering for a VW Bug club. It
      > was there that I got to try a 40 year old homemade slivovitz, wonderful
      > stuff.
      > Since your roots are in the “hood”, feel free to write me about anything
      > there. In September I will be making my seventh trip to Slovakia and will
      > be spending 5 days in Hromos.
      > Michael Mojher
      > From: mailto:johnyowpa.iii@...
      > Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 8:50 AM
      > To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Re: [S-R] Meaning of Titay
      > Michael, do you know of any do names used in any of the families in nearby
      > maly lipnik?
      > Sent from my HTC One™ X+, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone
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      > From: "MGMojher" <mailto:mgmojher%40verizon.net>
      > To: <mailto:SLOVAK-ROOTS%40yahoogroups.com>
      > Subject: [S-R] Meaning of Titay
      > Date: Tue, Jul 30, 2013 2:08 PM
      > Nick,
      > My ancestral village of Hromos is not far from your villages. I discovered
      > there is an oral tradition of what I was told were “do” names. Do in
      > Slovak
      > is of. These were an alias name that was designed to identify different
      > branches of a family. When a family became large there was a problem of
      > telling those with the same given and surnames. So different branches of
      > the family were identified and given a name.
      > In Hromos my Mojcher family has three “do” names; Adama, Palody and Zid. I
      > am of the Adama branch. So if there was another Michael Mojcher in Hromos
      > I
      > would be referred to as Michael Adama.
      > These “do” names were used in the records. I learned of the “do” names
      > when the City Registrar asked if I knew the “do” of the person I was
      > trying
      > to find.
      > Sometimes the “do” name does translate into English. My “do” Zid is Jew.
      > Google Translate gave no English translation for your Titay.
      > For genealogy the “do” names are wonderful because if you know yours and
      > you find anyone with the same “do” you know they are a close blood
      > relative.
      > Michael Adama-Mojher
      > From: ccknk
      > Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 9:35 AM
      > To: mailto:SLOVAK-ROOTS%40yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [S-R] Meaning of Titay
      > While going through various Greek Catholic church records for the
      > Austro-Hungarian Empire villages of Circ, Jastreb, and Ruska Vols nad
      > Popradom (now in Slovakia) I have found the word "Titay" on the same line
      > with ancestor's names. Example, Mihaly Titay Kerpcsar. I have also found
      > it
      > before the last name and all by itself in the space where a name should
      > be.
      > "Titay" was not part of the name on baptism records. Is "Titay" a
      > nickname?
      > If so, does anyone know if it translates to anything?
      > Thank you all in advance for any light you can shed on this question.
      > Nick
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      John Yowpa III, MD

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