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The Importance of Documentation

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  • htcstech
    Hello All, Just thought I ll share this with you. I m preparing for my trip to Slovakia and I m in the process of applying for an Australian passport. Today,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2013
      Hello All,
      Just thought I'll share this with you.
      I'm preparing for my trip to Slovakia and I'm in the process of applying
      for an Australian passport.
      Today, it was rejected as I couldn't prove the link that the name on my
      birth certificate (Marafko) and my naturalization certificate (Martyn) is
      of the same person.
      Evidently when my father became naturalized in 1961, he was given the
      opportunity to change his name. No deed poll or any other name change
      applications or documents were issued or for that matter, applied for. So
      on the certificate it says "Robert Martyn formerly known as Marafko" and on
      the back is my name, date of birth and birth place, but I'm listed as Peter
      Martyn, without my middle name Miklos.
      This document is now lost and I only have a single photocopy which is not
      acceptable by the Australian government.
      Evidently there may be a way around it - a declaration of sorts and I'll
      find out more in a few days when I present the application again.
      The interesting thing about it is that I can apply for a Hungarian passport
      as Marafko, but if I use that to re-enter Australia, I'll need a visa! If I
      stay longer than 3 months I become an illegal alien in my own country!
      As there was no middle name recorded, officially I don't have one as far as
      the Dept of Immigration is concerned even though every other form of ID I
      have has it.
      My official status as of now is that I'm an Australian citizen with no
      birth certificate.

      I really pity the genealogist in a hundred years from now who are trying to
      place me in a family tree.
      Makes me realise how a single, missing document can break an identity.

      Peter M.

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