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Re: [S-R] Re: Place of Birth on Ellis Island Manuscript MORAVKO

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  • htcstech
    Thanks very much for the link Johnqadam! After pouring over the records for Stvrtok, I found nothing. Not giving up, I used the Familysearch database in all
    Message 1 of 16 , Dec 1 6:32 PM
      Thanks very much for the link Johnqadam!
      After pouring over the records for Stvrtok, I found nothing.
      Not giving up, I used the Familysearch database in all different manners
      and ways and came up with (eventually) Sandor Moravek in a place called
      Plavecký Štvrtok.
      Turns out that even he did not remember his birthdate exactly. It was the
      18th of Dec 1876 instead of the 8th Dec 1877. The ship manifest was right.
      Also Plavecký Štvrtok was known as Detrekőcsütörtök which makes a huge
      amount of sense as it very closely resembles the handwritten place of birth
      in the ship's manifest in 1909 - Yet by 1919 when he applied for
      Naturalization, he shortened it to Csutortok and forgot his birthdate.
      Detrekőcsütörtök is very much closer to hometown as well.

      He was the illegitimate son of Carolina Moravek from Malaczka, Close to the
      Austrian border, along the way from Bratislava to Kuty. No wonder he spoke

      For me, the MORAVEK-MORAVKO-MORAFKO transformation answers certain
      questions that I asked of this group a while ago.
      Simply, MORAVEK appears to be the Czech (and possibly Slovak version) of
      the Moravko name. Somehow, his mother called herself or was named Moravek,
      yet he called himself Moravko. Why? Why not stay with the name Moravek???
      An answer to this could be that the family name was Moravko (possible from
      Moravke - a Hungarian diminuitive form for Moravia and the name of a
      tributary of the Morava river).

      I had hoped that there was no connection between Moravek and Moravko as far
      as genealogy is concerned. Now I am not so sure. It makes my work much

      Peter M.

      On 1 December 2012 23:58, John <johnqadam@...> wrote:

      > **
      > CONGRATULATIONS! It's just great when you have a major breakthrough.
      > The online RC church records for Stvrtok are found at:
      > https://www.familysearch.org/search/image/index#uri=https%3A%2F%2Ffamilysearch.org%2Frecords%2Fwaypoint%2FMM17-9M1%3An1105661400%3Fcc%3D1554443
      > Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-1910Roman Catholic
      > (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev)Nové Mesto nad Váhom Bosaca
      > Baptisms (Krsty) 1691-1740 (Inv. č. 140)Baptisms (Krsty) 1740-1789
      > (Inv. č. 141)Baptisms (Krsty) 1790-1842 (Inv. č. 142)Baptisms
      > (Krsty) 1852-1884 (Inv. č. 144)Baptisms (Krsty) 1885-1889 (Inv.
      > č. 145)Baptisms (Krsty) 1889-1895 (Inv. č. 145
      > (pokrač.))Baptisms, marriages, deaths (Krsty, manželstvá, úmrtia)
      > 1843-1851 (Inv. č. 143)Confirmations (Birmovaní) 1788-1788 (Inv.
      > č. 141)Confirmations (Birmovaní) 1800-1800 (Inv. č.
      > 141)Confirmations (Birmovaní) 1829-1829 (Inv. č. 141)Confirmations
      > (Birmovaní) 1841-1841 (Inv. č. 141)Confirmations (Birmovaní) 1855-1855
      > (Inv. č. 141)Confirmations (Birmovaní) 1860-1860 (Inv. č.
      > 141)Converts (Konvertiti) 1759-1791 (Inv. č. 141)Converts (Konvertiti)
      > 1792-1870 (Inv. č. 142)Deaths (Úmrtia) 1691-1718 (Inv. č.
      > 140)Deaths (Úmrtia) 1722-1740 (Inv. č. 140)Deaths (Úmrtia) 1740-1769
      > (Inv. č. 141)Deaths (Úmrtia) 1768-1789 (Inv. č. 141
      > (pokrač.))Deaths (Úmrtia) 1790-1842 (Inv. č. 142)Deaths (Úmrtia)
      > 1852-1879 (Inv. č. 147)Deaths (Úmrtia) 1880-1906 (Inv. č.
      > 149)Deaths (Úmrtia) 1906-1910 (Inv. č. 149 (pokrač.))Marriages
      > (Manželstvá) 1691-1740 (Inv. č. 140)Marriages (Manželstvá) 1740-1790
      > (Inv. č. 141)Marriages (Manželstvá) 1790-1842 (Inv. č.
      > 146)Marriages (Manželstvá) 1852-1884 (Inv. č. 147)Marriages
      > (Manželstvá) 1885-1896 (Inv. č. 148)

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    • patskanovo
      Congradulations Peter! Dennis
      Message 2 of 16 , Dec 2 5:18 AM
        Congradulations Peter!


        --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, htcstech <htcstech@...> wrote:
        > WooHoo! I found him and place of birth!
        > As Sandor MORAVKO appeared to disappear from records, I kept searching and
        > found an Alexander MORAFKO born at the same estimated year in the 1915
        > census, confirmed in the 1925 census and then in the 1919 Declaration of
        > Intention -Naturalization record - same height, eye colour etc as the ship
        > manifest.
        > Not only did he register for WW1 draft, but also WW2 as well.
        > He had 3 girls, no sons and so the name died with him. His wife was 10
        > years younger.
        > One of my earlier guesses was Konstrvrta which looked peculiarly like
        > Å tvrtok or Thursday.
        > He considered himself as a Slovak and when asked for his place of birth, he
        > first said stvrtok, thought again and changed it to the Hungarian
        > Csutortok, but the actual village was called Vagcsutortok at the time.
        > So I bet it was overwritten because of this.
        > Å tvrtok is a small village (pop 350) between Nove Mesto Nad Vahom and
        > Trencin along the main route. Nove Mesto Nad Vahom has had a concentration
        > of Moravkos over the years.
        > It's also a confirmation for me that the alteration of the V to an F is
        > common (my last name is Marafko from an earlier line of Moravkos) and
        > happened in Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary-Romania.
        > Probably was worth the $35 monthly Ancestry charge.
        > Peter M.
        > On 1 December 2012 00:52, John <johnqadam@...> wrote:
        > > **
        > >
        > >
        > > >>> So I'm coming to the conclusion that the place disappeared or absorbed
        > > and there is no surviving record of it. . . at the moment. I'll try and
        > > look up his wife, Maria in Joko which apparently is Nyitra RC . . . Place
        > > of Birth on Ellis Island Manuscript MORAVKO I'm getting Prietrž and
        > > Osuské, so I still can't pinpoint the location. . . I'm guessing that you
        > > are referring to Osuske, which is between Jablonica and Prietrz. <<<
        > >
        > > The 1910 map at http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/maps/1910/nyitra.jpg is devoid
        > > of the necessary detail, south of Szenicz in the yellow area. However,
        > > Korlatko is shown there. The current Podrobny Auto Atlas shows it as
        > > Cerova. Further south along the same road is Prievaly (current name).
        > >
        > > Thus area is very sparsely populated but the facts seem to fit.
        > >
        > >
        > >
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