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DNA testing

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  • nilo3rak
    As a scientist it was a no-brainer to choose Family Tree DNA for testing family DNA. I am not affiliated with them in any way Their site
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 24 12:30 PM
      As a scientist it was a no-brainer to choose Family Tree DNA for testing family DNA. I am not affiliated with them in any way

      Their site http://www.familytreedna.com/why-ftdna.aspx delineates the advantages of using this company.

      They have the largest database, surname and geographical projects (Slovak, Polish, Carpatho-Rusyn, Czech, Belarus, Ukraine, Ukraine-Black Sea). You can join as many as you like. I have done several.

      They recently added a beneficiary designation for DNA in their possession. It's a nice touch, and keeps continuity of the results "in the family" and accessible over generations. No charge

      One time fee for testing. Continual search for matches. DNA technology explained with as much complexity as you want or don't want.

      Test I have done: My full sequence mtDNA with a rather rare haplogroup, W1g, found in Finland, among the Kurds and Pakistan, full match found in the Orawa-Nowy Targ Depression (basin) area in present day Poland.

      My paternal grandmother's full sequence mtDNA, haplogroup H2a, common to Eastern Europe, full match found in Ukraine.

      Paternal 67-yDNA, plus two other markers, Haplogroup R1a1a, found in Asia, India, and Slavic populations of Europe. Origin was the Eurasion Steppes, were the first speakers of IndoEuorpean language (prototypical Arayans - let Hitler chew on that!), were part of the Kurgan culture, and domesticated the horse. Found one match in Eastern Slovakia.

      I recently joined Family Finder since it was on sale. They often have sales, and the prices aren't too bad. There is a price break if you join a surname project, or start your own.

      I also joined 23 and me, primarily for the medical results. So far no big surprises, that is, risks are right there in the family's medical history. You are automatically enrolled in Ancestry Finder.

      Neither Family Tree Family Finder or 23 & Me Ancestry Finder have yielded any useful results, only very, very, very distant cousins.

      My thoughts on Ancestry.com are more negative than positive on their data, searches, snitching your research, and business model. Gearing everything to the bottom line, profit is the goal, and that seems to be their prime goal with their foray into DNA testing with a need to have continuing paying subscribers. Come on, they have a small data base, results seem to be rather broad and useless, but the subscription is ridiculous. Altogether, I can only give them an F.

      I hope this helps sort out DNA testing and getting your money's worth.

      Google Megan Smolensk - DNA for more insights,

      Your Slavic cousin,
      Carolyn Harmon
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