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    ... Mulvey. I am ... Slovakia ... 1878(Approx.) hehad ... US. His ... town of ... horses tied ... more about ... the area ... much ... PASIPANKA ... ahoj Don t
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 5, 2001
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., "John/Jo Mulvey" <jm1734@h...> wrote:
      > Hello! I am a newcomer to the list. My name is Jomil (Vrable)
      Mulvey. I am
      > looking for my Slovak roots particularly in the town of VRABLE in
      > near Nitra. My Grandfather Pvlo Vrable was born there in
      1878(Approx.) hehad
      > two sisters that i know of and one brother- all of hwome came to the
      US. His
      > father, family legend has it, was "mayor" and/or "gamekeeper" of the
      town of
      > Vrable, and was known for scaring the local peasants by riding 4
      horses tied
      > together through the streets of the town. I need help finding out
      more about
      > this colorful character and any relatives who might still live in
      the area
      > as we are planning a trip to slovakia next year . Any help would be
      > appreciated.
      > Thank You!
      > Jo
      > PS. I am also looking for my grandmother's family- last name
      > first name MARY from Budepest. CA 1886


      Don't know your surnames.

      The Slovakia telephone directory lists 6 surname Vrábel.
      2 surnames are listed under Vráble (Verebély) and 4 are listed under
      Vranov nad Topl'ou (Vrannó) located in eastern Slovakia.

      A gamekeeper was called a 'hájnik' and a mayor was a 'starosta'.

      R.C. parish church records exist (1728-1896) for Vráble
      okres (district) Nitra.
      Text in Latin and Hungarian.

      In Slovak the matriky (parish church records)
      Krstení = Baptisms (Christenings)
      Sobás^ení = Marriages
      Zomrelí = Deaths

      In Hungarian the matriky are titled anyakönyvek.

      Kereszteltek Anyakönyve = Baptism Records
      Házasultak Anyakönyve = Marriage Records
      Halottak Anyakönyve = Death Records

      In Latin the matriky are titled matricula.
      Matricula Baptisatorum = Baptism Records
      Matricula Copulatorum = Marriage Records
      Matricula Defunctorum = Death Records

      The LDS-Mormons has filmed all the parish church records at six of the
      seven regional Slovak State Archives in Slovakia.

      These microfilm reels are available for rental and viewing at any
      Family History Center (FHC) worldwide.
      90% of patrons are non-Mormons doing surname research.

      LDS - Mormon FHCs - LOCATIONS


      The microfilm numbers for Vráble were not listed in the LDS-Mormon FHL
      catalog ?
      This is often the case for records filmed in the Nitra
      The FHL online catalog is updated as of 1999.

      So call the international desk 800 number at LDS HQ in Salt Lake City
      and ask Sylvie Pysnaková where the R.C. parish records for Vráble
      might be listed ?
      Toll free number 1-800-453-3860, extension 2881.

      Good luck !

      Frank Kurcina

      For records from Budapest, Hungary you will need to contact the City
      of Budapest Archives.
      Need to write them in Hungarian.
      Without name of district or a former address, such records are
      difficult to locate.
      Civil registration began in Hungary in 1895.
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