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  • frankur@att.net
    ... Hungarian ... in ... websites state ... been my ... George. i am ... is ... George (E) is Juraj in Slovak and Jiri in Czech and György in Hungarian.
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 29, 2001
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., krejc@a... wrote:
      > dear listers,
      > during the period when church records for Slovakia were kept in the
      > language, was there ever a time or reason that the given name "Bela"
      > church records could ever mean "George"? all the given name
      websites state
      > that Bela is Adalbert or Albert. the only person who could have
      been my
      > ggrandfather is written as Bela and his name everywhere else is
      George. i am
      > afraid that i already know the answer, but i am hoping that someone
      > familiar with the name Bela.
      > thank you
      > noreen

      George (E) is Juraj in Slovak and Jiri in Czech and György in
      Perhaps it was a family name or his nickname ?

      Béla is a common Magyar male first name, which translates to Vojtech
      (Albert) in Czech/Slovak and which is really derived from the Latin
      name Albertus.
      Béla is a Hungarian/Turkish/Slavic name derivation.

      Albertus (L) = Albert (E)
      Also Adelbertus, Adalbert, Adelbert.
      Adelbert or Béla (H)
      Adelbert (G)

      Slovak and Czech verions are Vojtech.
      Vojtech (dim. Vojta, Vojtik, Vojtisek)
      Wojciech, Wojtek, Wojtus (P)

      1995 was the 1,000-year anniversary of the death of Saint
      Adelbert (Svaty' Vojtech), the first Czech bishop from Bohemia.
      Adelbert is celebrated as the most important Czech saint, preceded
      only by Saint Wenceslas.
      He was the single surviver of the massacre of the powerful
      Slavnikov clan.
      Two years later, while working as a missionary among the pagan
      Prussians, they murdered him on April 23, 997 A.D.
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