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Re: [S-R] Re: Frequency of Christian names in different religions?

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  • david1law@aol.com
    Dear Trixie: When I first started researching my family genealogy, I often came across the same names used in a family, including, as you have seen, children
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      Dear Trixie:

      When I first started researching my family genealogy, I often came across
      the same names used in a family, including, as you have seen, children
      having the same name as an earlier deceased sibling. It did seem very odd to
      me when I saw that. In regard to the recycling of the same names in a
      family when a child died, the reuse of the name may actually be to honor an
      ancestor and keep that name alive in the family.
      In that regard, and in that perspective, the re-use of the same name makes
      more sense and is less odd, less creepy than what I observed at first
      blush. Sometimes, unfortunately, we only have parts of the pieces to the
      genealogical puzzle. When I was able to go farther back in my genealogical
      research, I often found children named after their parent's grandparents (a
      span of four generations). Incidentally, when I saw names in the 1715
      Hungarian Urbarial Census in my ancestral villages, I saw the parallels between
      the names used in the family and the actual and/or presumptive ancestors in
      the Hungarian Urbarial Census.

      Best regards,


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      trixielixir@... writes:

      I think names may just be family tradition. On one side, at least half the
      men were named Martin or Frantisek, from the 200+ years I've tracked up
      until today (my first cousin is Frank Martin). On the other side, at least
      half are either Jan or Stefan. All my ancestors were Roman Catholic. I've also
      seen time and time again the recycling of names in the same family when a
      child died. Very sad and a little creepy to me but just one of those things
      I chalk up to different customs.

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      , "elevans1" <rue.ee.4gel41n3@...> wrote:
      > Frequency of names may vary by village, too, but in researching my
      father's side of the family, which was Rusyn (Eastern Slav), and Greek Catholic
      during that time frame, I've seen all those names EXCEPT Martinus. NEVER
      Martinus in the Greek Catholic records from my dad's village. I'd say Joannes
      ( = Ivan = Janos ) and Michael were the most common. Georgius and Stephen
      maybe a little less common.
      > Sometimes when looking at immigration records, if I see a surname I'm
      looking for, with a first name like Martin, or Joseph, or Robert, I know
      these people most likely are not from my dad's part of Slovakia.
      > Here is a good article on Rusyn names:
      > _http://www.carpatho-rusyn.org/crs/rnames.htm_
      > It doesn't render very well in my browser, I hope you are able to read
      > :) EE
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      (mailto:SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com) , htcstech <htcstech@> wrote:
      > >
      > > It's always a danger for me to post in SR because I don't know how much
      > > information to give.
      > >
      > > In short, I need a 'best guess' about these Christian names and the
      > > likely religion's influence:
      > >
      > > Georgius
      > > Michael
      > > Stephen
      > > Martinus
      > > Joannes
      > >
      > > I'm wondering how venerated these names are in Eastern Christian
      > > again between 1700-1800.
      > > I suspect that Martinus could refer to Martin Luther.
      > > Georgius leads me to the Eastern rite.
      > > I'm not sure about Stephen, Michael or Joannes though.
      > >
      > > Peter M.
      > >
      > >
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