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Re: ROKITA, JUSKANIC, SIKORA, DZURENY and a few questions

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  • John
    The quick/short answer on how to questions is found at Bill Tarkulch s site http://www.iabsi.com/gen/public/ You need to ascertain the religion and then
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      The quick/short answer on "how to" questions is found at Bill Tarkulch's site http://www.iabsi.com/gen/public/

      You need to ascertain the religion and then proceed to research the relevant church records. If looking for the surname as at 1869, the 1869 Hungarian Census for the relevant village can be a goldmine of info. Available on film only.

      For example:
      Kerekrét (Okruhlé) LDS film #2189408 Item 9
      Keczer-Pálvágás (Kecerovské Pavlovce)Film #2189411 Item 3

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, David Colello <dcolello@...> wrote:
      > Hello-
      >   I've been on the list for a while and now that I've done a bunch of research, I wanted to see if there are any family connections out there.   I also have a few questions on opinions of what to research next.
      > My great grandfather:
      > ----------------------------
      > Janos Rokita
      > born May 30, 1883 in Kerekret (now Okruhle)
      > arrived in US on November 22, 1907 from Keczerpalvagas (now Pavlovce)
      > settled in Dunmore, PA and lived his entire life there until his death in 1943
      > From his baptism record I just found with the new index on familysearch.org (yay!!!), he was baptized Roman Catholic at current-day Radoma and his parents were Janos Rokita and Anna Sikora.  I also see several siblings also baptized in the same place with the same parents.
      > My great grandmother:
      > ------------------------------
      > Maria Juskanic/Juscanics/Yuskanich
      > born June 8, 1889 in Karacsonmezo (now Kracunovce)
      > arrived in US on May 28, 1908 from Karacsonmezo
      > settled in Dunmore, PA and lived there until her death in 1966.
      > Maria's parents were Mihaly/Michol Juskanic (spelling?) and Maria Dzuerny.  No luck so far in finding her baptism record.  Also not sure on Dzureny as being completely accurate.
      > Marriage:
      > -------------
      > Janos Rokita married Maria Juskanic/Juscanics/Yuskanich in Dunmore, PA on February 7, 1910 and subsequently had 6 children including my grandfather, Elmer Rokita.
      > A couple of questions and request for pointers:
      > --------------------------------------------------------------
      > 1) What would be common spellings of Juskanic/Juscanics/Yuskanich that I might be able to use for searches?  I've seen it multiple ways and was wondering if there's a more likely candidate.
      > 2) I'm really interested in finding Maria Juskanic's baptism record to confirm her parents' names.  If the new index search doesn't help at the moment, I assume I'd just start going page by page through familysearch.org in the area near present day Kracunovce, hitting the different religious denominations.  Is there a better way?
      > 3) Janos Rokita's baptism record is line 18 of https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-266-12061-57708-56?cc=1554443%c2%a0(or can be quickly found by searching for Janos Rokita born in 1883).    Is there a website that can help me translate the headings and the record, or can someone help me out? 
      > 4) Any tips on what I should do next?  I can always try going back another generation, but are there other sources of records out there besides the church records online?  I could also look for siblings and decendents, too. For my great grandparents, I've got all the US records that I can think of including immigration, naturalization and military, but am interested more on the Slovak side of the ocean.  Any ideas would be appreciated.
      > Thanks in advance.
      > David Colello
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