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Re: [S-R] Would Like Some Help If Possible

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  • Sandra Hansen
    Thank you so much for this valuable information. I will take your advice and work slowly backwards. I guess what I was really looking for was web sites to
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 4, 2012
      Thank you so much for this valuable information. I will take your advice
      and work slowly backwards. I guess what I was really looking for was web
      sites to browse as I am only familiar with familysearch.org and ancestry.com.
      If anyone could recommend other web sites, I would be very grateful. Thank
      you again, Sandra

      On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 12:13 AM, htcstech <htcstech@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Hello Sandra,
      > I can tell you how I found how my ancestors 'migrated' from town to town
      > until they settled.
      > It's not easy work, though it paid dividends.
      > That is, to radiate outwards away from Lony, ignoring borders and check
      > every church for records of the name - but only before the date of the last
      > confirmed entry in Kiss~Nagy Lony. So if your GGParents were born in 1900,
      > you are looking for records prior to that time. If you find no record
      > working backwards for about 25 years, then move on. I prefer to start with
      > death records as often they have the place of birth listed for the
      > deceased.
      > The easiest way to do this is to follow the road and river network of the
      > time and by plotting the name Janu using the Cisarik website. Cisarik is
      > not infallible as it only shows data from 1715 (tax records of peasants)
      > and 2005+ telephone directory entries, but it may give clues.
      > There are also tax records of 1720 where the name can be searchable.
      > There are absolutely no guarantees in your belief that because Janu is not
      > a Hungarian name, that it is Slovak/Rusyn or Czech. Millions of Hungarians
      > have non-Hungarian names, and name etymology has proven in a significant
      > amount of cases that last names do not equate to ethnicity. I think what
      > you are actually looking for is the origin of the name?
      > Janu is a form of John in Czech. In Hungarian it is Janos (nickname as Jani
      > as in Johnny), Latin = Joannes. You should ask yourself how was that name
      > given to your ancestor, or more correctly, why did he call himself that?
      > When you go through that process and deal with the possibilities, it could
      > come down to the following:
      > 1. He was named after the apostle - ie for religious or church reasons,
      > maybe after a famous identity or a place referred to as Janu for example.
      > 2. His name was John, and his family was known as John's, so you had names
      > like Maria John, George John etc.
      > On that note, name order convention between Latin and Hungarian switched in
      > 1849, So John Miller became Miller John - Doubtful but possible. Most
      > recently I have seen many examples of this as late as 1946, where family
      > names were turned around between Czech and Magyar forms *on the same page*
      > in official documentation AND spelled in Czech and not in the original
      > Magyar.
      > 3. His name got Slavicised from Joannes to Janu.
      > 4. It was Jeno (Magyar) and due to local dialect, he was called Janu
      > 5. He was gyan�s, therefore transliterated into Janu. Gyanus means
      > suspicious and there is a form of the word spelled gyanu which sounds
      > remarkably similar to janu. This is called 'ornametal naming' like
      > 'blondie' or 'woody' etc.
      > You may be left with the conclusion that although Janu sounds unique, it is
      > in fact untraceable to a specific location because of naming conventions.
      > In your case it may not matter since you should be looking for
      > concentrations of the name Janu in different towns and villages and that
      > will provide the original location.
      > On 4 June 2012 12:51, Sandra Hansen <sjhoreo@...> wrote:
      > > **
      > >
      > >
      > > I have been researching my Hungarian roots and have been led to believe
      > > that those roots may have begun in eastern Slovakia. The surname is JANU
      > > (without the accent on the 'u'). It apparently is not a Hungarian
      > surname,
      > > but a Slovakian one. My grandparents were born in Kislonya and Nagylonya
      > > Hungary. The 2 towns consolidated in 1934 to become Lonya. The town is
      > > very close to the very southeastern border of Slovakia. I have been able
      > > to obtain information regarding my Hungarian roots only as far back as my
      > > great-grandparents. I believe further research is needed to see if there
      > > is a Slovakian connection and perhaps my earlier relatives migrated from
      > > Slovakia to Hungary. Other than ancestry.com and LDS records, I am
      > stumped
      > > for resources to see if there is just such a connection. Any advice would
      > > be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Sandra L Janu (McLean,
      > > Virginia)
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