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Re: [S-R] PELLA_KACMARIK_KARNISH (KARNIS) from SOVAR, HUNGARY (Solivar, Slovak Republic)

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  • William C. Wormuth
    Both Karnis~ and Pella are listed in the telfonny zoznam, (Phone directory for Pres~ov. Z Bohom, Vilo ________________________________ From: xyzkgp
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      Both Karnis~ and Pella are listed in the telfonny zoznam, (Phone directory for Pres~ov.

      Z Bohom,


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      Subject: [S-R] PELLA_KACMARIK_KARNISH (KARNIS) from SOVAR, HUNGARY (Solivar, Slovak Republic)

      I am just starting to try and trace my husband's family through the paternal line: PELLA, KARNIS (KARNISH), KACMARIK from the SOVAR, HUNGARY (today SOLIVAR, SLOVAK REPUBLIC) area.

      My husband's grandfather was ANDREW CHARLES PELLA (ANDY PELLA), born November 28, 1872, died January 5, 1951. He worked for Pittsburgh Plate Glass, Kittaning, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania where he settled in Ford City, Pennsylvania, shortly after immigrating to the U.S. in 1895. I think he was joining family members.

      His wife, ANNA KARNIS (KARNISH) PELLA, joined him five years later in 1900. Anna was born in 1877 and died in 1951. Family history says they were both from SOVAR, HUNGARY (SOLIVAR, SLOVAK REPUBLIC today). They were ROMAN CATHOLIC. I have not been able to find ANNA PELLA's immigration papers although I assume she also came alone through New York city by ship. Her eldest child, JOHN CHARLES PELLA (my husband's father), was born in Pennsylvania in 1902.

      I believe I've found ANDREW PELLA's immigration papers listing him as ANDRAS PELLA from SOVAR, HUNGARY. He crossed on the Bremen from Germany into New York City. He was 23, in good health, had paid for his own passage, was married, destination Allegheny, Pa., could read and write and had $16 in his pocket.

      The immigration papers are the first place where I've found the first name ANDRAS used. All other records from 1895 onwards list him as ANDY or ANDREW PELLA.

      In his obituary, he is mentioned as "the son of ANDREW (I am presuming ANDRAS) and MARY (KACMIRIK) PELLA. I know his parents remained in Europe, because there are letters written in Slovak between ANDREW and his parents in the family papers. I believed they remained in the SOLIVAR/PRESNOV area for the rest of their lives but that's all I know about them.

      I have not been able to put my hands on any European based records about the ANDRAS PELLA family line, and PELLA does not appear to be a common Slovak name . . . i.e. it does not appear on this group's list of family names. I know this area got pummeled during both World Wars, so I am wondering if the Roman Catholic church records were destroyed.

      Any and all leads are welcome. I will post photos and documents as soon as I am able.

      With best regards,

      Kate Pella

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