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  • Julie Mark
    Thanks Barbara for posting this. I hadn t thought of union applications. Do you know where one could find these? I suppose my great grandfather could have
    Message 1 of 4 , May 3, 2012
      Thanks Barbara for posting this. I hadn't thought of union applications.
      Do you know where one could find these? I suppose my great grandfather
      could have been a member of the union as he worked in the steel mills - does
      anyone agree/disagree with that?


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      I'd like to follow up on Sandra's post regarding the Slavic Roots Seminar.
      I want to thank her for posting the original announcement. I was able to
      attend with a friend, and I thought that it was extremely informative.

      We learned quite a bit, and what surprised me, was that the seminar was
      free! Really, you can't ask for more than that, considering that we all
      received handouts and snacks as well.

      In addition to what Sandra has mentioned, there were a couple of other
      strategies that I had not considered as sources.

      Parish Histories. Apparently it was common for churches to publish
      histories. I have not investigated this too much, but I have seen some
      online for various churches. This would be worth investigating on the US
      side for info.

      Union applications: when someone filled out an application, place of birth
      was included.

      Ethnic papers for obituaries, etc. Different ethnicities published their own
      papers, in their own language announcing important life events.

      It was brought to our attention that many immigrants came through Canada. If
      the price for sailing was cheaper, then they would take the route through
      canada. They offered this website: www.CollectionsCanada.ca

      Sandra mentioned the Findmypast.com website. Apparently there is an indexed
      list of departures from England, Many emigrants sailed via England as part
      of their route to the US.

      Passport applications (United States) are searchable online until 1925.

      Finally, Lisa mentioned a great tool of which I was unaware.
      The familysearch.org website offeres a wiki site.
      A box will pop up. Merely enter Slovakia, and all kinds of tips for finding
      your Slovak ancestors will show up. You can read through those of interest
      for tips.

      Good luck on searching!


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      , "snowball" <sandrasileo@...> wrote:
      > Hi Vera,
      > I recently attended the Slavic Roots Seminar in Philadelphia, Pa, that I
      had mentioned earlier. Following are some of the sources Lisa and the other
      speakers mentioned to help us research our family roots. I hope they will be
      helpful to you and others.
      > researchguides.net rootsweb.com SteveMorse.org jewishgen.org
      findmypast.com feefhs.org whatwasthere.com cizarik.com cgsi.org
      > brightsolid Dvorzsa'k Gazetteer Lazarus Hungarian maps USGIS geneology
      University of Pittsburgh, PA, library for an Index of Coronors' Reports for
      Allegheny Co., PA.
      > They also suggested investigating : Voter lists, Revision lists for taxes,
      Nobility records, City directories, Business records, Notary records,
      Military passport, Draft Eligibility records, Military discharge, Church
      census records, Land records, and Estate inventories.
      > Lisa highly recommended Bill Tarkulich's "Slovakia Genealogy Research
      Strategies", and suggested that we should join a society such as SH&FSI,
      CGSI, or a similar ethnic organization.
      > I bought her book "Finding Your Slovak Ancestors" by Lisa A. Alzo. I'm
      sure it will provide even more avenues to investigate.
      > This should keep us busy for a few lifetimes. All in all, it was a day
      > Sandra Sileo

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