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Subject: Kalman, Goldinak, Narcis, Csarnogorsky, soltis

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  • Imrich Petrov,M.D.
    ... Skresene - correct word is Vzkriesenie = Resurrection Imrich
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2001
      >Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 05:28:16 -0000
      > From: tarzantu2@...
      >Subject: Kalman, Goldinak, Narcis, Csarnogorsky, soltis

      >I have a mass card for another brother, Andrew Goldinak, of my
      >grandmother Sophia Goldinak. It reads "Ondrej Goldinak, Zomrel 12.
      >Maja a bol pochvani 14 Maja 1970.v Chicagu na cintorin Skresene Pana,
      >Narodil sa na Slovensku 26. nov. 1888."

      >If I translate this correctly it says he died May 12, and was buried
      >May 14, 1970 in a cemetery in Chicago, and that he was born on
      >November 26, 1888 in Slovakia. The Slovak to English dictionaries I
      >have access to didn't have the words "Skresene Pana." What does that
      >mean? He is buried in Resurrection cemetery, a Catholic cemetery, as
      >are other Goldinaks and Louis Soltis.
      "Skresene" - correct word is " Vzkriesenie" = Resurrection

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