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Re: [S-R] Turanszky

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  • William C. Wormuth
    If you go to the original manifests at Ellis, you might find info on  (K), (F), or Turansky. [Kuhrran-skee] [Fuhrran-skee] [Tuhrhan-skee. Kuruc, [
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 8, 2012
      If you go to the original manifests at Ellis, you might find info on  (K), (F), or Turansky. [Kuhrran-skee] [Fuhrran-skee] [Tuhrhan-skee.

      Kuruc, [ Kuh-rrruhts] is Kurucz, in Hungarian.  Americans might pronounce it [Kuh-ruhk] and he might have tried Kuruts..  Your Grandfather was probably so frustrated, he tried to please everyone. 

      People often were afraid to use any other spelling than on Ellis Docs.

      Genealogy work is very time consuming and one must have patience working with it.

      Nech Pan Boh Daj......,


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      > My grandfather was "FURIMSKY" I find "KURIMSKY" in the area he lived. Trafford Pa. I found that same post from Ellis Island. Now I am thinking "FUZINSZKI" or ANY spelling close IS a link. My other grandfather "KURUTZ" was so illusive! He spelled his name completely different on every document. GEORGE KURTZ married to MARY RENDOSH if anyone can help. Oh, STEFAN FURIMSKY married Mary TURCHAN. Thank you in advance anyone! Mary Ann
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      > > I have some information on this family. Please remind me to post you in a week or so -- I need to locate it.
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      > > I am searching for anyone who may have information about Maria (Mary) Turansky (Turanszky,Turanski,Turinszki) and possibly other spellings. Ellis Island translated it as Fuzinszki but I know this is wrong, but the manifest is hard to translate. She arrived at Ellis on June 6, 1898 and was going to visit her sister and aunt in Helvetia Pa. The 1900 census has her living in Punxsutawney with her brother Mike and husband John Sugars.
      > > I have info about John and Mary’s family after they arrived in the USA but nothing about Mary’s family.
      > > John arrived in 1896 from Hungary and married Mary in 1898. Both of these people are my wife’s grandparents.
      > > We think there were other relatives aready in the USA but are not sure when they came.
      > > Bob
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