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On Cemeteries

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  • Michael Mojher
    With a new thread on cemeteries I thought our newer members would appreciate some websites on the subject. http://www.cemetery.sk/english/ Virtual Cemeteries
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2012
      With a new thread on cemeteries I thought our newer members would appreciate some websites on the subject.

      http://www.cemetery.sk/english/ Virtual Cemeteries of Slovakia has about 160,000 entries in it database. You can begin with a name search. Then expand to place. Like Slovak-Roots they would like users to enter their gravesite information into the database.

      http://www.centroconsult.sk/toolbox/cemeteries.html This has links to several sources. Not all are in English. They do provide instructions on how to fill in the Slovak search.

      http://slovak-jewish-heritage.org/ A general site on Jewish heritage in Slovakia with cemetery information.

      http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/slovakia/index.html The most extensive list of Jewish cemeteries in Slovakia.

      http://www.genealogy-heraldry.sk/eng/napis.html 70 Slovak cemeteries have had their tombstones transcribed.
      Abramová (o. Martin), Andice (o. Liptovský Mikuláš), Belá (o. Martin), Benice (o. Liptovský Mikuláš), Benice (o. Martin), Betliar (o. Rožňava), Blatnica (o. Martin), Blážovce (o. Martin), Blážovce-Bodovice (o. Martin), Bodorová (o. Martin), Bratislava-Petržalka, Bratislava-Prievoz, Bratislava-Slávičie údolie, Brúsnik (o. Veľký Krtíš), Bystrička (o. Martin), Dolné Zelenice (o. Hlohovec), Dolný Kubín - Srňacie, Dražkovce (o. Martin), Dulice (o. Martin), Horná Lehota (o. Dolný Kubín, výber), Horné Zelenice (o. Hlohovec, ev. cintorín), Horné Zelenice (o. Hlohovec, r. k. cintorín), Horný Kalník (o. Martin), Jakubovany (o. Liptovský Mikuláš), Kaľamenová (o. Martin), Karlová (o. Martin), Kláštor pod Znievom - obec (o. Martin), Kláštor pod Znievom - stanica (o. Martin), Kostolné (o. Trenčín), Košice - Kalvária www , Košice Public Cemetery www, Košice - cintorín sv. Rozálie www, Košťany (o. Martin), Laclavá (o. Martin), Lakšárska Nová Ves (o. Bratislava-vidiek), Leštiny (o. Dolný Kubín), Ležiachov (o. Martin), Liptovská Osada (o. Liptovský Mikuláš), Mošovce (o. Martin), Necpaly (o. Martin), Nitrianske Sučany (o. Prievidza), Nováky-Laskár (o. Prievidza), Omastiná (o. Topoľčany), Osádka (o. Dolný Kubín), Partizánske, Poprad-Spišská Sobota, Prievidza (časť cintorína), Príbovce (o. Martin), Rakovo (o. Martin), Sebeslavce (o. Martin), Sklabiňa (o. Martin), Sklabinský Podzámok (o. Martin), Slovany (o. Martin), Stará Turá (o. Nové Mesto nad Váhom, r. k. cintorín), Tomčany (o. Martin), Trebostovo (o. Martin, nový cintorín), Trebostovo (o. Martin, starý cintorín), Trenčianska Turná - Hámry (o. Trenčín), Trenčín (ev. cintorín), Trnovo (o. Martin), Turčianske Jaseno - Dolné Jaseno (o. Martin), Turčianske Jaseno - Horné Jaseno (o. Martin), Turčiansky Peter (o. Martin, r.k. cintorín), Valentová (o. Martin), Veľké Uherce (o. Topoľčany), Záborie (o. Martin), Žilina-Bôrik (vojenský cintorín), Žilina-Strážov.

      Personal experience with Slovak cemeteries.
      On my six trips to Slovakia I have had a chance to go 3 or 4 cemeteries on each trip. Although not enough to say what the “average cemetery is like, I can say they do run the spectrum of good, bad and the ugly. The range is a result of the tradition of gravesites being cared for by the family at most cemeteries. As long as there is someone doing that, which seems to be the custom on the weekend, they are well maintained. Interestingly, even graves within the family can fall apart from the lack of care. I account for this because from what I have noticed genealogy for most Slovaks means the family members I have known. Which if you are lucky goes back to great-grandparents. Thus older family gravesite fall by the way side. One of the small village cemeteries that was very impressive was Koprivnica’s. It was a park setting in which they had planted trees to shade most of the grounds. At the entrance was a large map with every grave marked and coordinate row and number given.
      In my paternal ancestral village of Hromos is a “ghost” cemetery, which may qualify as the ugliest. On my first couple of visits I had wandered the village cemetery photographing all of the family gravesites. When I started to catalogue them it struck me that none were pre-1895. On the trip with cousin, Evelyn Marsh, she inquired about the cemetery. That is when we were taken to the site of the original cemetery. In order to get to it we had to go through a house and climb over the back fence. About a quarter acre spot was allowed to go fallow where chickens and goats were allowed to forage. The only indication it was ever a cemetery were the remnants of two cast iron cross grave markers. Here in a village settled in 1427 a cemetery use for 468 years was now almost forgotten. Fortunately, “city hall” knows of it and will not let it be used for anything else.
      Michael Mojher

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