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Re: [S-R] Re: Gajdos/Gaydos - Cambria County, Johnstown Pa

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  • Jane Murray
    The Sabo s name dropped the z from the European spelling, My grandfather had an L at the end for his baptismal records...that was dropped by the time my
    Message 1 of 12 , Feb 26, 2012
      The "Sabo"'s name dropped the "z" from the European spelling, My grandfather had an "L" at the end for his baptismal records...that was dropped by the time my dad was born in 1925.  The Gaydos name entered the Johnstown picture in the 1910 census, my grandfather was born in Brunswick Maine  (actually he was born on the ship coming over from a visit to my great-grandmothers family in Vel'aty, Slovakia, the first port is where they baptized him, hence Brunswick Maine.)  My great-grandmother remarried after George Gaydos was killed in the mill, she married a Yuhascik.  The Antal's & Petrik's are from Cambria City originally and moved to Morrellville on the hill.  Some Petrik's became "Patrick" (sounded more American), the name is now Petrick.  My German side, Kessler & Wess have always retained the same name since coming to New Germany Pa, & Johnstown in 1850's.  
      I have not really looked for their arrival manifest.  My cousin is really trying to find his our great uncle Ferdinard Sabo & wife Mary Koteles, so far no luck.  I am lucky, I have a team of cousins researching different branches.

      Thank you for your interest, do you have family in Johnstown?


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      Hi Jane,

      I enjoy looking through the Johnstown census. What exactly were the names & spellings in the 1910 & 1920 census?

      And have you found their arrival manifest?



      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, Jane Murray <jmurray6475@...> wrote:
      > Reading through old letters I wrote my grandfather in 1978, I was working on genealogy even back then. �I have a letter that he wrote about his father and place of birth. According to his information, which he said was limited because his parents did not talk about the old country; he stated his father was born in a town called Jankovsky or Jakovsky Austria Hungary. �I googled both spellings and came up with nothing, other than a�scientist�by that last name. �I have according to his marriage paperwork at St. Stephens RC Church in Johnstown Pa, it list "Ungvar" as the location. �When I google "Ungvar" I come up with a city in the present day Ukraine. �I understand that in the 1800's everything is considered Austria-Hungary. �My grandfather was a very intelligent man for only receiving a 4th grade education in the US. �I believe he would be correct on saying his dad was from a town called "Jankovsky" even if I
      cannot find it. �His father died
      > tragically in Cambria Iron Works, now presently�Bethlehem�Steel Company in 1908. �I do have the newspaper clipping on the accident. �His mother had a memory picture taken his dad taken in the coffin, it went to my grandfathers sister, I do not have a current connection to her family. �
      > I have seen a few "Gaydos", Gajdos writing to Slovak-Root community, I am hoping a connection develops.
      > Thank you, Jane
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