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One last thing from Maura

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  • sabinov@webtv.net
    I d just like to say one more thing... since it was mentioned on here by someone that every other list you just send unsubscribe to the list.. that is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2001
      I'd just like to say one more thing... since it was mentioned on here by
      someone that "every other list" you just send unsubscribe to the list..
      that is decidely NOT true! I run several lists on different servers and
      belong to a few more on other servers.... there is no server I know of
      where you send the command to the list for all to see.

      What happens is each server (Rootsweb, egroups/yahoo etc) has a
      different method of doing commands, and you as the user are obligated to
      learn how to handle this. What happens instead unfortunately is people
      who can't or won't take the time to do this, and resort to sending the
      command to the list and figuring the listowner/manager will do it for

      While I do have this happen occasionally on my other lists, this
      SlovakRoots list has more of these sent to it than they do. Why this is
      I can only guess (I'm sure the changing from onelist to egroups to yahoo
      hasn't helped).

      Please remember that I am a -human being- and I'm doing this
      voluntarily. Unfortunately there are times I feel I am being used to do
      people's work for them when if they would just read the directions they
      would be able to learn how to do it themselves. I get complaints from
      other listmembers about the number of these messages that get sent to
      the list, that no one has responded to them and given them their family
      information, or that the webpage doesn't have enough information yet.
      No, I haven't had a "bad week".... I am just asking people to realize
      that reading the directions would make all our lives a lot more happy.

      This list has steadily grown, and I'm glad that it is providing a
      "genealogy only" basis to help people with their research... but each of
      us is responsible for learning how to use this mailing list correctly.
      That's my feeling as a fellow listmember, not as the person who started
      this list.

      If this list is not to your liking, maybe it's not the right list for
      you. In that case, go to the SlovakRoots homepage below, go to the
      mailing list page and follow the directions to unsubscribe.

      Maura Petzolt Mobile Alabama USA
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