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Re: [S-R] Re: JANKANICS - Death Record

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  • William C. Wormuth
    I am Lost!  What exactly are you translating.  Why is there information concerning Barn and stables, in Church records??  I assumed you were thinking the
    Message 1 of 50 , Feb 1, 2012
      I am Lost!  What exactly are you translating.  Why is there information concerning Barn and stables, in Church records??  I assumed you were thinking the writer was giving the cause of death which is very unusual.  I am not a professional but have helped many people in their searches.  My Slovak is a western, Zahorak dialect and I learned the Hungarian alphabet pronunciation from my Grandfather. 

      During Hungarian rule, children had little or no schooling and school language was Hungarian.  The reading and writing of Slovak was done at home and in many villages, teachers came to homes where groups of young people gathered for learning.  If caught they were beaten and jailed.   Priests were an important part of their lives, as they were the only formally educated people in villages and were the Slovak, "doctor, lawyer and indian chief."  
      Illegible writing could be due to the priest being very old and shaky.  The majority of records I have researched have been very legible and written in Latin although names were in Hungarian, (Istvan, Erzsa, Janos, Mihaly,....etc.  Some of the writing was as beautiful as a painting.

      Can you imagine how it would be if you were forced to speak only Urdu and Finish, while secretly preserving your mother tongue, which if spoken on the street could end in your imprisonment.  they were allowed, by law, to speak Hungarian or German.   I have always been amazed, (and proud), that our people,  maintained our language and culture for over 1,000 years.

      My Grandfather, spoke read and wrote:  Two types of German,  ("High and Low"), Hungarian, Slovak, Czech and English.  To the "pure Americans", here, he was referred to as a "Dumb Round-head", (term used here for Slovak immigrants.

      Z Bohom,


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      Linda and William,

      What would bile have to do with barn/shed? First line partially reads
      'leven csuro es istalloja' meaning 'removing his barn or shed and stables,
      or removing the connected barn and stable' -
      Line 2 can mean 'Every brand and life' or every brand or mark of regulation'
      Now the last word 'megegett' means burnt.

      You can see how weird it sounds, although it could be a lot of flowery
      similies and metaphors, but why would a scribe go to that length?
      Like: He had a lot of guts and followed the law to the letter which was
      burned into him. He returned from Giralton as I heard the story as related
      to me, that he was singing, had a stroke and died immediately.

      And I see szelutes and not salutes. Szelutes is a stroke.

      Re-reading it again makes me even more doubtful. I think it needs to be
      translated with someone who understands the phrasing of early 19th century
      Hungarian, possibly a dialect. Although the writing isn't the best, it is
      The combination of words and their apparent meanings don't make sense to
      me. Find an old Hungarian :)

      I tried again just now and came up with the following paying particular
      attention to the punctuation:
      The story being that he was singing(?), followed by stroke and he died
      Halfway along the 5th Line:
      Azonal meghalt=Died immediately. (full stop)
      Hideg-Kereszteny; (semi-colon) followed by a dash - Hideg Kereszteny looks
      like a place name, otherwise it means Cold Christian(ity).
      Breuer jarobeli orvos = Breuer, the travelling or serving or duty doctor
      altal megvizsgallatott = the recommended, inspected the body.
      I'm pretty sure that the scribe made spelling errors or used a local

      Hopefully you'll get a better translation :)


      On 2 February 2012 12:28, creativelr <CreativeLR@...> wrote:

      > **
      > This is getting interesting (grin). Thanks William! I think as a group we
      > are cracking this code. If not, I have the makings of a very interesting
      > story. I sure wish priests/scribes were required to have neat handwriting,
      > but I don't think they kept these records to be perused by the common
      > man/woman, especially over a century later!
      > Linda
      > --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "William C. Wormuth" <senzus@...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > epesjefen = bile salts = bile acid
      > > salutes = greetings
      > > keres egy keresztény = looking for a christian
      > >
      > >


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    • helene cincebeaux
      Hi Elaine - only your listing but I have 2 for Drabischak - contact me directly for info. Great year so far - hope the same for you! My husband is home after
      Message 50 of 50 , Feb 8, 2012
        Hi Elaine - only your listing but I have 2 for Drabischak - contact me directly for info.
        Great year so far - hope the same for you! My husband is home after 3 months in hospital and nursing home and doing great - a miracle!

        --- On Tue, 2/7/12, Elaine <epowell@...> wrote:

        From: Elaine <epowell@...>
        Subject: Re: [S-R] Slovak Pride Database
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        Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 9:31 PM


        Helene, I couldn't open it either.

        Could you tell me if you have any Drabcsak (Hungarian spelling from the 1869 census) in your database please? That was my gggrandmother's family name from Ujpechfalu, but I couldn't find her in the records.

        Hope you're having a good new year!


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        On Feb 7, 2012, at 6:59 PM, helene cincebeaux <helenezx@...> wrote:

        > Hi Frank - just checked it seemed fine - but we will be updating this month and adding several thousand new surnames and villages - now up to 30,781 listings!
        > helene
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        > The URL link for the database of surnames:
        > http://slovakpride.homestead.com/, produces a "page not found" error.
        > Frank
        > _____
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        > It's not as robust as Helene's list http://slovakpride.homestead.com/, but
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