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Re:Translation needed- ZEZULKA AND ZERNA

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  • Imrich Petrov,M.D.
    The words are Czech. I`ll try to translate : Kam se Pan Buh - where(kam) the God (Pan Buh) is (se) vlasce - loving, with love (correct is v lasce , not
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2001
      The words are Czech.
      I`ll try to translate :

      "Kam se Pan Buh"- where(kam) the God (Pan Buh) is (se)
      "vlasce" - loving, with love (correct is "v lasce", not "vlasce")
      "diva" - looking
      "tam" - there
      "nestesti neprebyoa" - bad luck, misfortune (nestesti) doesn`t indwell
      ("neprebyva" is correct, not "neprebyoa")

      "Where the God is looking with love, there misfortune doesn`t indwell"


      -- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., psam@c... wrote:
      > I am researching my ancestors on my mothers side of the family - they
      > are FRANK ZEZULKA AND ANTONIA ZERNA ZEZULKA. When my grandparents
      > immigrated to the US, they brought with them several items of which I
      > have a few. One of these items is a picture of Jesus crying with
      > some slovak words that I have not been able to translate even with
      > the dictionary I have. I am hoping someone can help me translate the
      > words in this picture - The picture of Jesus is in the middle with
      > the words "Kam se Pan Buh" in a half circle above it and the
      > word "vlasce" to the left and "diva" to the right - underneath the
      > picture is the word "tam" and then in a half circle under that is the
      > words "nestesti neprebyoa" with an exclamation point after the last
      > word. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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