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RE: [S-R] funeral homes

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  • badgerz1
    I did contact the local library (Cincinnati) & the ONLY copy they had was from one of the German papers, & the quality of the copy was so poor that the library
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 26, 2001
      I did contact the local library (Cincinnati) & the ONLY copy they had was
      from one of the German papers, & the quality of the copy was so poor that
      the library dropped the copy fees ;-( That was when I thought to call the
      cemetery- for me their info was like hitting the jackpot!!!

      I noticed that you seem to be interested in the Wisconsin Slovak Historical
      Society- are you from WI?

      Susan in Wisconsin

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      If drowned, it could have very well been in the local newspaper, as well!
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      I have had some success contacting funeral homes for info. You might also
      contact the cemetery. My great-great grandfather died in December, in Ohio
      in 1880 according to his death certificate the death was due to "drowning".
      December seems an odd time for a drowning to occur in Ohio. A distant cousin
      had always been told that the death of our ancestor was a suicide, but he
      didn't know the circumstances of the death. The death certificate only
      provided vague details. When I called the cemetery, they checked their
      records for me, while I was on the phone. The cemetery was the only place to
      list the death as a "suicide, by drowning in a cistern" (they even had the
      address where the cistern was located!). This had been a family mystery for
      over 100 years, and the cemetery was where I found the missing info.
      Good luck in your search!
      Susan in Wisconsin

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      From: J. Michutka [mailto:jmm@...]
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      Subject: [S-R] funeral homes

      Hi folks,

      I have a more general genealogy question: one of my Slovak immigrant
      relatives died in the Seattle area in 1976. I have a copy of his death
      certificate, and I'd really like to find an obit (if one was published).
      >From the information I have, it's not clear which town in the Seattle area
      he lived in (to choose a newspaper to search for an obit); however, the
      death certificate does note the funeral home that took care of him.

      My question is, what kind of records would the funeral home have that they
      would share--since the funeral home (in my experience) sends out the obit
      to the paper(s), would they have a copy of the obit on file? (Yes, I know
      I could just call them and ask, but I'm afraid of committing a major faux
      pas by asking for something that might be considered confidential--although
      an obit is hardly confidential....; but I figure their records are business
      records, not public records...)

      I'm hoping to find out whether this guy had children/grandchildren; his
      younger brother remained in Slovakia, and I met his widow there this
      summer; the family has no idea what became of the emigrant older bro, and
      I've been trying to find out.

      Thanks for any help!

      Julie Michutka
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