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  • Bill Tarkulich
    Hi Folks, Since co-moderating this group with Ron M. and Joe Q. since 2007, we have managed to keep true to the mission of this group. With that in mind, I am
    Message 1 of 33 , Oct 23 1:21 AM
      Hi Folks,

      Since co-moderating this group with Ron M. and Joe Q. since 2007, we have
      managed to keep true to the mission of this group. With that in mind, I am
      stepping away from leading this group, leaving it in the capable hands of
      Ron and Joe. No problems cause this, simply a change in life focus and
      interest. We all carry on. We have gained many and sadly lost a few along
      the way.

      If you've noticed, I've participated less and less in the daily discussions.
      This is largely because this group has spawned quite a few very
      knowledgeable and generous members who consistently share and offer advice
      and information to others. To this, I want to encourage you to speak up and
      add your voice to each discussion. While you may feel like a small voice,
      take heart in that you know a whole lot more about genealogy than 99.5% of
      the world.

      Joe, Ron and I have discussed the group mission and agreed to keep it true
      to form, a focus on genealogy and keeping the riff-raff spammers at bay. I
      have advised them to pick up a third moderator (I like the number three!) to
      another moderator crisis. Ron and Joe will be responsible for forum policy
      from this point forward. The group has and incredibly good tenor such that
      very, very little moderator intervention has been necessary. You must
      congratulate yourself for such fine decorum

      Lastly, I'm not going anywhere. I'm still in the group, still maintain a
      moderator status, still reading and adding my $0.02 now and then. I'll
      also continue in perpetuity my web page. It's exasperating to see so many
      fine genealogy sites come and go. I will need your help to keep the web
      site current with new discoveries and information which should be shared to
      all. I won't be "looking" for key resources any longer. Please send me
      your leads, suggestions, corrections and changes. I'll make sure to update
      the web site with all that information.

      As our ancestors said, "May God Go With You."

      Bill Tarkulich

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    • Bernardine Weigand
      Your detailed, organized tutorials and tireless encouragement have enabled me to find records I never dreamed of locating. Your dedication is more than
      Message 33 of 33 , Oct 31 7:49 PM
        Your detailed, organized tutorials and tireless encouragement have
        enabled me to find records I never dreamed of locating. Your
        dedication is more than appreciated.

        Forever grateful.

        Bernardine Weigand
        On Oct 31, 2011, at 1:52 PM, Bill Tarkulich wrote:

        > All,
        > Thank you for all the unexpected accolades. That is very thoughtful
        > of you
        > all.
        > When I began my quest, it became very apparent that we were breaking
        > new
        > ground. The eastern block had disintegrated, the people were able to
        > speak
        > their voice and reach out beyond their boundaries, the Mormons
        > quickly made
        > inroads to the archives, online maps, translations, and the always
        > difficult
        > task of village identification became easier.
        > Tying together disparate sources, and providing a sensible research
        > methodology became my passion. Not much annoys me. "Cherry picking" by
        > aliens who beam down, who have no interest in dedicating the
        > necessary time,
        > and want to ask for the silver bullet from you and me, well, that
        > does. For
        > those people, please hire a professional to do the work.
        > Second. Every family is different, every journey is unique and thus
        > every
        > research path is different. This is why I refuse to do research for an
        > individual. If that's what you want, go hire someone.
        > Third, lucky for us, most of our research sources are free and readily
        > available. Only a few short years ago, we trudged to the local F?HL
        > and
        > rolled through microfilm for days. Today's researchers have it so much
        > easier.
        > Fourth, is to encourage and encounter every researcher that they can
        > do it
        > themselves. It takes a lot of time, a lot of perseverance and a
        > methodical
        > approach to win this game. Dead-ends are common. Confusing and
        > contradictory evidence is common. Patience. It can take years, but
        > eventually things will click. It's a jigsaw puzzle. For those who
        > prefer
        > to drop names and run, it's darts.
        > If nothing more is said, these are the underlying tenets of genealogy
        > research.
        > I am very pleased to see that each and every one of you recognizes
        > the value
        > of this approach and can (or will be able to) produce their own
        > success as
        > evidence. This is not snake-oil. It's hard work. I am very pleased
        > to see
        > that this strategy is communicated to others. For those who feel
        > they may
        > have little to offer, you do NOT! The group gently corrects each
        > other and
        > everyone benefits from every discussion, small and wide. Don't feel
        > timid
        > about something that you think has been discussed before. This is
        > essentials.
        > I have learned more from you than you from me. I have had the
        > fortune to
        > recognize the big picture quite early in my journey. Each and every
        > one of
        > you has provided something that benefits me, and all of us. From your
        > questions (from which I learn how to benefit) to your discoveries
        > (which I
        > continually add to my web pages) to your strategies, all tied
        > together shows
        > the power of many. I am very thankful that with these discussion
        > groups, we
        > can communicate around the world, finding that missing puzzle piece.
        > The discourse is civil, it is helpful, it is understanding and
        > thoughtful.
        > Three cheers to you all.
        > My reward is seeing others connect to their lost heritage. The first
        > time I
        > saw my family's surname is the legend is a day I will never, never
        > forget.
        > I saw writing that probably had not been viewed for 100, 200 and
        > even 300
        > years describing the births, marriages and death of my ancestors. It
        > even
        > empowered me to travel there and meet my cousins. I had come home.
        > When I
        > wrote my first essay 10 years ago, it was named "Full Circle". Just as
        > relevant today as it ever ways.
        > Keep helping each other. You owe it to them as they owe it to you. I
        > wish
        > you all success in your journey. Put some wood in the fire, grow some
        > vegetables, walk to church. Continue your life long journey.
        > Persevere.
        > Bill

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