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Re: [S-R] Hroncak-Holovac Church Records: Translation

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  • creativelr
    Hi Julie, Sorry I didn t reply sooner, I m on Digest version for email. Olsavica is in what is now called PRESOV County, formerly Szepes, in Spis County. You
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      Hi Julie,

      Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I'm on Digest version for email. Olsavica is in what is now called PRESOV County, formerly Szepes, in Spis County. You will not find the records online; but you can order them from your local FHC. You'll notice below all the different spellings of Kohan (same as what we had) and Bellak. Don't be so stuck on the names being exact because even in the US, the census records have different spellings of many names and it's the same people. Once you compare dates and names, things start to make more sense. If I had been insistent on sticking with only HRONCHAK, I never would have found my family (spelled most often Hroncak with a Ulej attached among other names!)

      Also, make sure you know which religion because that also determines which film to request. For example, I have a great-great-gma who was Lutheran. The rest of the family was Greek Catholic. We are looking in a larger town and looking at where the children were married (and the religion of spouse) and where their children were baptized. Like someone said, it's a mystery that never ends. But a fun one because the players are related to you! Happy hunting. - Linda

      Olsavica includes former villages: | Podproc |
      | SURNAMES from current phonebook in 2005 | SURNAMES from CENSUS in 1715 |

      OLD NAMES of the village(town):
      1773 Olsavicza, Olschawitz, Olssawicza, 1786 Olyschawicza, 1808 Olsavicza, Olysavicza, Olssawica, 1863–1902 Olsavica, 1907–1913 Nagyolsva, 1920 Olšavica, 1927– Oľšavica
      Podproč: 1773 Podprocs, Podprócz, 1786 Podprocz, 1808 Podprocs, Podprotsch, Podproč, 1863 Podprócs, 1873–1888 Podprocs, 1892–1895 Lazonp[at]ak, 1898–1913 Lazonpatak
      POPULATION of Olsavica in 2005: 312 inhabitants

      SURNAMES in 2005 (the first 100 most common surnames of the village(town)):
      note: all below surnames are listed by slovak, english and hungarian spelling

      Adamko Adamko Adamko Anderák Anderak Anderak Anderáková Anderakova Anderakova Beľak Belak Belyak Beľaková Belakova Belyakova Beľáková Belakova Belyakova Beličak Belicak Belicsak Beličák Belicak Belicsak Beličáková Belicakova Belicsakova Biroščak Biroscak Biroscsak Biroščák Biroscak Biroscsak Biroščaková Biroscakova Biroscsakova Brindza Brindza Brindza Brindzová Brindzova Brindzova Bryndza Bryndza Bryndza Bryndzová Bryndzova Bryndzova Demo Demo Demo Demočko Democko Democsko...... Kochan Kochan Kohan Kochanová Kochanova Kohanova Korchňak Korchnak Korhnyak Korchňaková Korchnakova Korhnyakova Korchňáková Korchnakova Korhnyakova Kuľbák Kulbak Kulybak Kuľbáková Kulbakova Kulybakova Lopatka Lopatka Lopatka Lopatková
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