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Re: Question on definitions /Some general comments

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  • John Cook
    Bernardine Weigand wrote in Jan 19 Slovak-Roots digest::
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 22, 2001
      Bernardine Weigand wrote in Jan 19 Slovak-Roots digest::
      <Subject: Re: Re: Question on definitions
      <Frank and Ron,
      <I continue to learn so much from your posts and dialogue. Your
      <explanations are always comprehensive. Printing them out <allows me easy
      access for future reference.
      <Thank you both

      I also would like to thank Frank and Ron for taking the time to include
      details in their posts and for sharing their insightful dialogues with the
      group. Also, including such information, for example, as town locations and
      town names in both Slovak and Hungarian is so helpful in genealogical
      research, especially for one like myself who has very little knowledge about
      the area. I'm very glad I found this list.

      Thanks again,
      Marge Cook
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