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[S-R] Re: Zchidorf(Bollinger)to Frank Kurchina

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  • harry pruner
    Thank you for the information.I m not sure of my actual boundry s only that my grandfather told me that he and his family were from Zchidorf and that he
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2001
      Thank you for the information.I'm not sure of my actual boundry's only that my grandfather told me that he and his family were from Zchidorf and that he always said he was hungarian.

      >To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@egroups.com
      >From: "Frank Kurchina" <frankur@...>
      >Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 23:13:19 -0000
      >Reply-To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@egroups.com
      >Subject: [S-R] Re: Zchidorf(Bollinger)
      >--- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@egroups.com, harrypruner@s... wrote:
      >> I have recently started to trace
      >> my family roots.The family
      >> emigrated to Canada around the
      >> early 1900's.my grandfather was
      >> Anton Bollinger he had a brother
      >> Michael.Their father was michael
      >> Bollinger,and their grandfather
      >> was michael bollinger.I believe
      >> that their grandfather was married
      >> to a Katherina Jung.I would
      >> appeciate any information on this
      >> family line or if there is anyone
      >> who seems to think they are
      >> connected.The family settled in
      >> the province of saskatchewan,in
      >> Canada .My grandfather Anton
      >> married Katherine Jerhoff,his
      >> brother married her sister
      >> Magdelina Jerhoff.Thank you.
      >Don't know your surnames.
      >First name Anthony (E) Antonius (L) Antal (H)) Antoni (P)
      >Antonin (Cz) Anton (Slovak) Anton (German) Anton (Slovenian)
      >associated with German surnames suggests Austria, Germany, or
      >Switzerland ?
      >If Zchidorf is name of a place, it is probably called Schidorf (G)
      >Schidorf is a town located in the southern Alps region of Austria
      >called Steiermark (G) Styria (E) S^tajerska (Sl) and located near
      >Graz, Austria and close to the current Slovenian border.
      >Before WWI, the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy had stretched from Austria
      >to Montenegro in the Balkans.
      >Following WW I, the new country of Yugoslavia was formed including the
      >former Austro-Hungarian lands of the southern portion of the Banat,
      >the southern portion of the Batschka, Bosnia-Hercegovina, the
      >southern portion of the duchy of Carinthia (Slovenia), most of the of
      >duchy of Carniola, Croatia-Slavonia, the kingdom of Dalmatia, the
      >southern portion of Swabian Turkey, the southern portion of duchy of
      >Styria, and Syrmia.
      >Do you know for a fact that your surnames emigrated from Slovakia to
      >Canada ?
      >Some who seek Slovenia (formerly Austria) think it is the the same
      >country as Slovakia (formerly Upper-Hungary)

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