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Re: [S-R] Moja rodina genealogy; to nemam meno

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  • Michael Mojher
    Milan, The territory you know as modern Slovakia was part of Hungary for 900 years. It was sometimes referred to as Northern Hungary. It was only with the
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 10, 2011
      The territory you know as modern Slovakia was part of Hungary for 900 years. It was sometimes referred to as Northern Hungary. It was only with the defeat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in WWI that Hungary’s control ended in 1918. Next came Czechoslovakia.

      From: Milan Olle
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      Subject: Re: [S-R] Moja rodina genealogy; to nemam meno

      Thanks Peter. You drew a bigger picture of the pressures of Magyarisation and am tending to believe that Modernization program was the reason for the Name change in my family in 1910. Though I still find it hard to believe Magyarisation was as far reaching as Pcoline, a small village North of Snina. It's quite far from Hungary.


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      The only recorded deaths due to Magyarisation was the Cernova massacre in
      1907. 15 killed and 52 injured. The sergeant and the execution squad were
      Slovaks killing Slovaks. This was a terrible event and drew world-wide
      Otherwise, Magyarisation was 'cultural genocide' and not physical genocide.

      If genealogy taught me anything, is that intermarriage was common place in
      This was not due to Magyarisation, but to the small gene pool.
      My folks were peasants. Almost none of them married above their
      socio-economic level.
      In a typical village of 1500 inhabitants, you run out of people to marry in
      a few generations and you have to marry into other ethnic groups like
      Hungarians, Germans, Iltalians, Romanians and Slavs (and in the village
      history - a Davis) or you'll be marrying cousins, aunts or uncles.
      The priest's duty was to ensure that this didn't happen.
      In my family, it happened twice, although both sides of the family were
      sufficiently removed from each other not to cause problems.
      Even so, after a century of inter-ethnic-marriages, they were probably
      marrying 3rd cousins anyway.
      If it wasn't for the passing through of the military over the years and
      later, the influx of Germans/Slavs due to massive industrialization, the
      gene pool would have stagnated.


      * There is debate about the ethnicity of these soldiers who were 'Hungarian
      If anyone is interested I have a 1910 map of ethnicity (jpg) that I can
      email to you. It shows that by 1910, Magyarisation had little effect in
      Slovakia, but a greater effect in central Hungary.

      On 10 September 2011 04:55, tom geiss <mailto:tomfgurka%40gvtc.com> wrote:

      > **
      > And to all,
      > I know t from my limited Slovak that the name NEMAM MENO means "I have no
      > name, (or choose to not give it).
      > Here ismy question to you, a VERY OPINIONATED person.
      > my grandmother's family of GURKO; PASTOREK were in IGLO, HUNGARY, which
      > after WW1 became SPISSKA NOVA VES. What I know from those that are long
      > dead, is that they (in the late 1800's) "Had a large farm, about 20 house
      > servants and field hands. They were PROSPEROUS FOR THE TIMES".
      > Then, about the time of WW1, the farm was taken away from them, and all who
      > stayed behind were killed.
      > Now, my question is, Killed by whom (Probably by the Hungarians)?? But - -
      > - was there also some resentment by the poor Slovak peasants who knew them.
      > or worked for them?
      > You see, her family (my family) were AUSTRIAN, and spoke SUDENTENLAND
      > GERMAN. (There are letters to my grandmother in this language).
      > I have written to the town of Spisska Nova Ves, for more details; but they
      > wrote back and said that they had no more information.
      > Of course my grandmother's brother had already moved to Brezovica Nad
      > Torysou, so he survived, and raised 5 children.
      > Once again, who took away their farm, and killed them, and why?
      > By the way, when Czechoslovakia was formed afterWW1, it was done I
      > understand based on THE PITTSBURG AGREEMENT, in other words, the efforts od
      > American Slovaks, who never forgot their homeland' plight.
      > Of course, I'm still trying to find out when, and where, m,y AUSTRIAN
      > family picked up the Slavic name of GURKO? They were already Gurko back in
      > 1764.
      > I hardly knew my grandmother. Never got to sit on her knee and listen to
      > stoties.
      > Tom
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