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RE: [S-R] Surname Change 1910

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  • Ladislav Rosival
    Hallo, Török (meananing Turkish the slovak word would be Turek) is quite common hungarian name, for example in the nobility book from Nagy Iván (from year
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      Török (meananing Turkish the slovak word would be Turek) is quite common hungarian name, for example in the nobility book from Nagy Iván (from year 1850-1860) there are listed more then 40 different noble families with name Török. The most known of them is the family Török de Szendrő, they were even counts – so they belonged to the higher nobility.

      Terek is how a Slovak would pronounciate the word Török (there is no „ö“ in slovak language). I dont believe that in 1910 somebody would change his name to a no not correct hungarian name, but everything is possible.

      Potocky (from the word potok = creek, small river) is a slavic name, in hungarian it would be Pataky (from word „patak“=“potok“). There was also a Potoczky noble family – they lived in Berzék near Miskolc (its not far away to south from Košice). There was also a noble family Potoczky in Liptov – living in village Potok near Ružomberok.


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      This is good stuff! Please keep the comments comming. It's all intresting. I just want to take the time to say thank you.

      Janet, thanks for giving me the heads up to the posibility that there may be more than one name change. Also, want to thank you for giving me help with my Olle family research about two years ago. I didn't get to far with it yet because I met a group of family members working on the Latta side of the family. My research so far has found some seemingly violent deaths in battles especially in the 1848 revolution.

      Micheal, researching the Latta side of my family with other Lattas as proof readers I often got my work back with people renamed with hyphonated names eg. Latta-Latta or Latta-Rak. When I asked why the only answer I got was village nick name. Thanks to your help. I now understand. I like your Zid story too.

      Ladislav, there always was the story of name change and wealth in my family. Even royalty! Researchers often told me that I might find Terek spelled Torok. Family insists that it was Potocky and I am finding some evidence to suport this theory in property ownerships and old Czechoslovak passports. I am kind of disappointed that a link to the Toroks hasn't been found yet. I have found at least 2 marriages to the Drugeth family in Noble literature. That would have explained why some of the painted portraits in Drugeth castle look like my family members today. Potocky. Is that really a common Slovak name? Could it have been Potocki and made Slovak. The earliest Census I remember seeing the name in the village is 1809. Not sure where they came from. Well Potocki or not am sure a cup of coffee will still cost me about $1.50 tomorrow.

      Like the Slovaks say: It's hard to work for bread.

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      The names changes in the late 19-th century and later were written down in the baptismal register

      for example
      https://www.familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-14350-2345-81?cc=1554443 <https://www.familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-14350-2345-81?cc=1554443&wc=10603464> &wc=10603464

      line 52 on the end is a note that on 12. september 1911 the name "Forisch" changed to "Fóris". Almost all change i have seen were changes to hungarian.

      A change from Potocky to Terek is possible the name Potocky is a typical slovak name, Terek is neither typical slovak or hungarian.


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      I am aware that during this time period Hungarians were trying to make Hungary for Hungarians with their "modernization" program. They named all towns with Hungarian names and even people adopted Hungarian names.

      Has anyone found evidence of a surname change around 1910?

      How common was this penomenon?

      What evidence of name change am I looking for?

      How will I know that the Terek family of 1911 is the same as the Potocky family of 1910?

      Is there a statement of name change document I should be looking for? Where would I find it?

      What did it cost to change a surname?

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