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Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] Introduction-Searching Family from Kraskovo-Babinec

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    In a message dated 1/13/2001 5:19:04 PM, henway@bellsouth.net writes:
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      In a message dated 1/13/2001 5:19:04 PM, henway@... writes:

      << I believe Kraskovo-Babinec is a village. I suspect there maybe records
      about these folks in a Lutheran church in the towns of Lukovishte or in
      Rimavska Sobota. Has anyone come across a Lutheran church near
      Kraskovo-Babinec or in the other towns.? >>

      Dear Marge,

      The towns you are interested are located south and southeast of Hnusta in
      southern Slovakia, a beautiful hilly and mountainous region where few
      tourists go - they call this region The Enchanted Land.

      Kraskovo, Babinec and Lukovistia are just a few kilometers aprart - each
      has a church but the map doesn't reveal the denomination. Teriakovce is a bit
      south of them and is now 2 villages separated by the Rimava river - Velke and
      Male Teriakovce; both have a church.

      I have been to your villages a number of years ago when I visited nearby
      Kyatice looking for the old time wooden toy makers - they were all gone but
      the wonderful people there hosted us and took us to an ancient pottery site
      that was more than 20,000 years old nearby. They were so proud of their
      culture and history.

      Most Slovak church records before 1900 have been deposited in the main
      archives, The Lutheran churches or Evangelical as they are called there kept
      excellent records.

      You have several options to find out more about your family -

      1) check the LDS family history center, order up the microfiche(s) that cover
      your ancestral villages

      2) hire a researcher there to check the archives (reasonable if you get the
      right ones) - they can also check phone books in the nearby cities to see if
      your family moved to the city as the later generations did in search of work.
      Not many village people have phones yet.

      3) ask the Slovak archives to do a search - (quite reasonable)

      4) write a letter to the mayor of each village to see if you have living
      Our Slovak Heritage & Folklore Society International has a letter in English
      & Slovak that has gotten a pretty good response - about the only way you cna
      find out if you have living relatives there.

      One of our trip goers last summer had roots in Lukovistia and she visited
      One of our Slovak Heritage & Folklore Society Members also has roots there -
      if you would like to be in contact with them or would like more info on the
      above please e mail me directly

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