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Re: [S-R] Petrustsak

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  • Michael Mojher
    Bob, Farkusfalu might be Farkasfalu, what Vlkova was called from 1863-1892. 2673 Vlková KK/PV spiš. po 1892 pričl. o. Levkovce. 1773 Farkasfalva,
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 28, 2011
      Farkusfalu might be Farkasfalu, what Vlkova was called from 1863-1892.
      2673 Vlková KK/PV spiš. po 1892 pričl. o. Levkovce.
      1773 Farkasfalva, Farinkstorff, Farkowcze, 1786 Farkaschfalwa, Farksdorf, Farkassowce, 1808 Farkasfalva, Farksdorf, Farkassowce, 1863–1892 Farkasfalu, 1895–1898 Farkasfalulökfalu, 1900–1902 Farkasfalulök, 1907–1913 Farkasfalva, 1920 Farkašovce-Levkovce, 1927–1948 Farkašovce, 1948– Vlková

      Kiskunchfalu was what Vlkovce was called from 1892-1902.
      2674 Vlkovce KK/PV spiš.
      1773 Vilkocz, Kuntzensdorf, Wilkowcze, 1786 Wi[l]kocz, Kunzendorf, 1808 Vilkócz, Kuntzensdorf, Wilkowce, 1863 Vilkoc, 1873–1888 Vilkóc, 1892–1902 Kiskunchfalu, 1907–1913 Kiskuncfalva, 1920 Viľkovce, 1927– Vlkovce

      It appears that most of the villages you have found in the records are on modern Highway 536 between Kezmarok in the north and Janovce in the south. Considering that you are looking in the early 1800’s I would think that your Petrustsak relatives would have been from some place along this modern highway. For the time Spisska Nova Ves was some distance away, so how Anna and Samuel got together could be an interesting story.

      From: Bob Pollak
      Sent: Monday, February 28, 2011 1:17 PM
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [S-R] Petrustsak

      Thanks for all of the suggestions. I realize that the name appears in a number of villages all over northeastern Slovakia. Anna Petrustsak (Roman Catholic) married Samuel Pollak (Evangelical from Spisska Nova Ves) I assume before 1838 as their first child was born 08 Nov, 1837 in Spisska Nova Ves. There is no record of their marriage in either the Catholic Church or the Evangelical Church In Spisska Nova Ves. Their first child’s birth is registered in both the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church in Spisska Nova Ves. Subsequent children were only registered in the Catholic Church.

      I believe that the marriage almost always was performed in the church of the bride so I assume ( I may be wrong) that they were married in a Catholic Church where Anna Petrustsak lived. I just have to find out where she lived before the marriage.

      I have searched the films for Spisska Nova Ves and found several Petrustsaks but they were from Iglo-Huta and none were related to Anna. A friend has written letters to a number of Petrustsaks listed in the Slovak phone book and a few have replied. None are related to Anna but they did give me the names of the villages where their ancestors originated. Currently I have films for Abrahamovce, Stvrtok and Velka Frankpva on order.

      I got Anna’s death record from the city hall in Spisska Nova Ves. I photographed it there. Originally they said that it was my great grandfather’s death record. The record was in Hungarian and the clerk probably didn’t know Hungarian and as my great grandfather’s name was on it, she assumed it was his death record and I didn’t know any better. I searching the films for Spisska Nova Ves, I found my great grandfather’s death listed for 1877. So I had my cousin translate the death record that I had photographed and found out that it was my great grandmother’s.
      It showed her place of birth as Farkusfalu and her father’s place of birth as Kiskunchfalu. Neither one of these villages panned out.

      Thanks again for all of the suggestions. I am putting pins in a map for every village where there were Petrustsaks and hope to narrow my search.
      Bob Pollak

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