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Re: Records in Slovakia

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  • Carl
    Hi Linda, Hard to tell if he was on furlough or was about to be transferred into the reserves. In the 1850s, men had an active duty obligation of about 8
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      Hi Linda,
      Hard to tell if he was on furlough or was about to be transferred into the reserves. In the 1850s, men had an active duty obligation of about 8 years followed by several years in the reserves. Men usually only spent 1-3 years on active duty and then were furloughed to their homes for the remainder of their active duty obligation (unless there was a war going on). Given that Janos was born in 1833, he would have been conscripted around 1853. So in 1860, he would have been close to being moved into the reserves depending on when he actually began his service. I think it is likely he would have served in the war in Italy in 1859 and then released in 1860. If you search for his records, look for the film that shows men with birth years around 1833. You should be able to find it in films covering the mid 1850s. Unfortunately, the FHC has not done a good job of indexing the films. So, you may have to check a couple films in that time frame to find the one listing 1833 births. Grundbuchs vary a bit in how they are organized. Each battalion in the regiment is listed separately and then broken down further by companies (6 companies in each of 4 battalions). Usually, (but not always) the officers are listed first for each unit, then cadets and finally the enlisted men. The enlisted men will have common birth years but of course the officers will not. When you find Janos' record, go back and record the information on the officers for his battalion and for his company. Note that the battalions may not be listed by a number but by a title. I know this may sound complicated but it really isn't.
      Regimental histories describe the events each field battalion participated in. Field battalions sometimes operated separately and at other times they fought together. There were 3 field battalions and 1 smaller home depot battalion in each regiment. Well, that's probably more than you wanted to know at this point. Contact me if you decide to pursue this search and if you do find Janos' record. I can then point you to the other available information.

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, Linda Minor <lindaminor50@...> wrote:
      > Hello Carl,  I am Linda, the one who is researching Joannes Miklos.  I
      > appreciate all of your input. It is very interesting. To better understand
      > this---He was in the military and married when he was home on leave or was he at
      > that point discharged? You mentioned serving in the war in 1859.  Would he have
      > been back home in 1860 to get married?  I realize I will need to look at the
      > records to verify all of this which I will do when I know for sure that he was
      > my realative. I have to check the Hungarian census to see if at some point he
      > lived in Caklov. Thank you so much for the information and the resources.
      > Linda
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      > From: Carl <kotlarchik@...>
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      > Subject: [S-R] Re: Records in Slovakia
      > John,
      > I'm not sure if you are researching your own family in Csemernye or helping
      > someone else. But this is a perfect situation to find the military records for
      > the ancestor, Joannes Mikloss. His marriage records confirm that he was in the
      > army. I have only had one of my ancestor's church records indicate he was in the
      > army. In all the other cases, I made a guess based on their age when they got
      > married.
      > Anyway, Joannes would most likely would have been in the infantry and in line
      > infantry regiment #34. This is the regiment that recruited in Zemplen in the
      > 1850s. By coincidence, I have been studying this regiment myself. In 1860 to
      > 1866, IR34 changed recruiting districts and recruited in Gomor County which is
      > where my paternal family lived. My great-grandfather was conscripted in 1864
      > into IR34 during the war with Denmark. He then served in the 1866 war with
      > Prussia (The Seven Weeks War). I have been writing up the exploits of his
      > regiment in these two wars. There is an incredible amount of information out
      > there on this regiment including a detailed regimental history that covers the
      > years of 1733-1900 (860 pages in length) and it is available on-line from Google
      > Books. In 1859, Austria fought a war in northern Italy and Joannes would
      > probably served in this war. The regimental history covers this war in detail.
      > So, you can follow exactly what Joannes' regiment did and what the battles were
      > like that they participated in.
      > The first thing to do is to find Joannes' personnel records. These are located
      > in books called Grundbuchblatter. The grundbuch records for this period are
      > located in the Kriegs archive in Vienna but the LDS has filmed all of them.
      > Therefore, you can find the grundbuch records for IR34 in their catalog. In the
      > military records section of Bill Tarkulich's website, you will find a guide that
      > will explain how to research these records. Here is a link to that information:
      > http://www.iabsi.com/gen/public/ahm.html
      > Janos was 26.5 years old in Nov. of 1860. So, he would have been born around
      > 1833. He would have likely been conscripted between 1853 and 1856. At that time,
      > men had an 8 year obligation in the army followed by service in the reserves.
      > Men typically served 1-3 years actively and were then furloughed to their homes
      > for the remainder of their active duty (unless there was a war). Men were not
      > paid while they were on furlough so this was a way for the Army to save money
      > but still have trained soldiers available. Janos would have been called back up
      > in 1859, if he was on furlough, to serve in Italy. After the war, he was
      > obviously back home where he got married. Pretty interesting stuff.
      > Let me know if you are interested in pursuing finding Janos' military records
      > and I can give you some tips on where to look. If you do find his grundbuch
      > records, make sure you try to ascertain which battlion and company he was in (I
      > can explain to you how to do this). With this information, you can see
      > specifically what he did in the war because the regimental history breaks things
      > down to that level.
      > Here is the reference to IR34's regimental history:
      > KREIPNER, JULIUS: History of the Imperial and Royal Infantry Regiment No. 34 for
      > ever-lasting periods Wilhelm I, German Emperor and King of Prussia: 1733 - 1900.
      > Košice: 1900.
      > and here is the Google link:
      > http://books.google.com/books?id=UyEoAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=KREIPNER,+JULIUS:+Geschichte+des+k.+und+k.+Infanterie-Regimentes+Nr.+34&hl=en&ei=c6ATTbzDIML88AbL5KzCDg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=book-preview-link&resnum=1&ved=0CCgQuwUwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false
      > There are two more regimental histories on IR34 that cover your timeframe but
      > they are not available from Google books.
      > · Josef MULLER: The 34th kk Austrian Line Infantry Regiment, King William I of
      > Prussia in the campaigns of 1859 and 1864. Tetschen: 1865th
      > · Gustav WUST: History of the 34th kk Linin Infantry Regiment Prince Regent of
      > Prussia. Vienna in 1860.
      > In addition, there are many books on the Italian War in 1859.
      > By the way, all regiments had an honorary owner called an "inhaber" for which
      > they took their name. IR34's inhaber was Wilhelm, the King of Prussia.
      > good luck in your research,
      > Carl
      > --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "John" <johnqadam@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Can anyone translate the comments in the following reference?
      > >
      > > Research film GC Cemerne film #160,
      > > Page 106/157
      > > marriage of Joannes Mikloss to Maria Tirpak.
      > >
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