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  • B A Kostelnik
    Hi, Marjorie, I m sorry, I have next to nothing, but the one Sisak in my husband s tree. She was his paternal grandmother. Her name was Mary or Marie; she
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 3, 2011
      Hi, Marjorie,

      I'm sorry, I have next to nothing, but the one Sisak in my husband's
      tree. She was his paternal grandmother. Her name was Mary or Marie;
      she was born about 1885. She an her husband were both dead when I met
      my husband in 1973.

      In the 1920 census she and her husband "Steve" Kostelnik are listed
      as from Austria; in 1930 it says Czechoslovakia. Family lore says
      they lived in the same town in Austria, and that they were actually
      Russian. I've since been told by genealogists that they were
      probably actually "Rusyn". They were Greek Orthodox.

      They settled in Woods Run on the the north side of Pittsburgh, PA,
      and lived there most of their lives. I have lots of info on them
      there, and their children, etc.

      My husband used to hear that there were some relatives "near
      Uniontown" (PA), but he doesn't even know whether they were
      Kostelniks or Sisaks.

      I could believe that "Steve" (also "Stif Kostlnik" on one document)
      deliberately obscured his origins, for various reasons.

      Most of my research has been on ancestry.com, and I think I've pretty
      much exhausted that, as far as that family goes. For a while there,
      last year, I was getting to be a bit of an expert on Kostelniks in
      Pennsylvania! All but "mine", that is. <sigh> I believe I'll need
      to request church records to get any further. I've been procrastinating...

      I have no info on any of those other surnames in your post; sorry.


      At 09:23 PM 1/1/2011, you wrote:
      >Barb...just saw your post with Sisak name...that is my maiden name
      >spelled Sysak. I have been having a difficult time with my search
      >for our Sysak roots because my grandfather Andrew Sysak was killed
      >in an accident in his early 40's and did not really give any info to
      >his family as far as I know. He lived in Dickson City/Olyphant PA
      >area in the early 1900's was married to Justyna Opryshko...I have
      >traced Justyna to Wislok Wielki (a village in present day Poland,
      >near the Slovak border)...Andrew and Justyna had 7 children (my dad
      >William Sysak being the youngest)...all have unfortunately passed away.
      >Andrew was suppose to have been from the same village as Justyna but
      >I cannot find evidence of this...Have found other Sisaks in US
      >especially around Chicago area but they do not seem to think we are related...
      >Hope you can shed some light on this...if not good luck in your
      >search...Marjorie Sysak Cano...
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