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Re: [S-R] TEREK, TOROK and RAK Families

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  • Michael Mojher
    Milan, I agree that using the Star of David by an Orthodox Catholic just does not fit. That is why I am hoping someone else in the group may have some insight
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 4, 2010
      I agree that using the Star of David by an Orthodox Catholic just does not fit. That is why I am hoping someone else in the group may have some insight into this question. I will repost the question to see if you can get some help.
      The two dots above the "O" are very important. The Slovak language has a series of those symbols that go above letters. When they are above a letter it totally changes the way the word is pronounced. The difference is so important that if someone has a spelling different than yours they are not going to be related to you. Remember that list of Torok spellings I sent you? There were a lot of variations of the name because of those symbols above the letters. It is good if you know how your Torok name is spelled, because that allows you to connect to only those with the same spelling. Post a question on S-L on how Torok with the two dots above the first "o" is pronounced and you should get an answer to its proper pronunciation.
      You seem to have found your ancestral village in Pcoline. Here is a link to an information page on Pcoline - http://en.e-obce.sk/obec/pcoline/pcoline.html
      Notice that the Mayor is a woman. Your village is just about the same size as mine, Hromos is 550, Pcoline is 568. Pcoline town symbol is of a beehive. So this might be a village known for its honey. There is an e-mail address for City Hall, so you can try a letter. Keep the sentences to very simple sentences. If they are too complex they might be confusing. If you can find out who the priest is it might be worth a chance, but more than likely he is of such an age that he did not study English in school. English has only been the second language since 1993.
      Here is a link to a good map page on Pcoline - http://www.maplandia.com/slovakia/presov/snina/pcoline/
      One the map are three labels for the kind of map to see; Map, Satellite and Terrain. You can also zoom in and out. You can zoom in close enough to make out individual houses in Satellite.
      When you have villages and people that have existed for 400 years or more it is more than likely that every family has married into every other family at one time or another. So don't be surprised by that. If you have sixteen families in your family tree then the gene pool is mixed up enough to keep you from being a redneck. Besides pickups are rare in Slovakia.
      Interesting about the branch names in Pcoline. In Hromos we have something similar. When a family gets so large you will eventually have more than one person with the same given name. How do you tell them apart? They came up with these family branch names. Mojcher has three in Hromos; Adama, Palody and Zid. I am an Adama. So if there were another Michael Mojcher in Hromos they would speak of me as Michael Adama. This is an oral tradition that is not written down. It was only by accident when I was ask for my "do" name that I discovered it. I discovered that these alias names are used in the records. If one does not know about them you would think they are a new surname, not one of your family. I saw legal documents that used them, not just records.
      It is not unusual for a family to die out. That happened to my paternal grandmother's family. And new spellings are not unusual. In Slovakia it is Mojcher. My Dad always told me, "There is no "C" in Mojher." I discovered the "C" came into being when a new recorder when he wrote the name he did it in to parts; Moj and her. His lead-in stroke to the "h" looked like a "c" and over time it became the norm. I asked a cousin about this, showing him old records without the "C". He said, "Things happen." And that they do. So don't be surprised by different spellings. Just try to do discover if the new spelling is in deed part of your bloodline.

      From: Milan Olle
      Sent: Monday, October 04, 2010 6:56 AM
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      Subject: Re: [S-R] TEREK, TOROK and RAK Families

      Micheal, thankyou for you enlightening storyabout how the Star of David appeared on your families tomb stone. Your story seems to be a more plausible reason for the symbol than any other I have gotten. I've been told that before the Jews used this symbol the hindus and pagans used it for other reasons. Both answers didn't seem to fit a predominantly orthodox community.

      I think I have to concentrate on the Tereks being Tereks and see if I can find any evidence of name change. So far the Tereks buying the name and Tereks being once Toroks are just stories I've heard. Yes stories are usually based on something.

      The proof I have so far is that Tereks, Teleks and Toroks all were in Pcoline in 1809.

      Am curious though; the Torok in my listing only has the two dotos over the first "o". What does that mean?

      Thanks for the good idea! I think I'll write to the Mayor of Pcoline and ask him if he knows of the history of the Tereks in Pcoline. How do I find the mayors name and address? Should I try the priest as well?

      You asked if I recognized any names from the 1995 census. I have to laugh because someone once tried to insult me by saying Pcoline was a town of inbreds. I thought it was funny. Now I look at the 1995 census and I recognize 16 of the family names as being family. Is this enough evidence to claim redneck status? I also own a pick up truck.

      What I do find intresting about the 1995 Pcoline census is that some of the names in my family that were once there like Rak are not there now and other names are spelled differently.

      I heard that in Pcoline there are so many Lattas that they have branching names like Rak-Latta, Mindos-Latta, Terek-Latta etc. Is this common?


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    • patskanovo
      Milan, Your original post was from 2010 but recently I have begun research on the TEREK family of Pcoline for a friend living in Slovakia...this family is also
      Message 2 of 8 , Dec 25, 2012

        Your original post was from 2010 but recently I have begun research on the TEREK family of Pcoline for a friend living in Slovakia...this family is also connected to LATTA.

        If you are still interested please by all means reply.


        --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Milan" <coolkeytool@...> wrote:
        > Am stuck at my grandparents. Am curious if anyone has studied the Torok, Terek or Rak families. I have found taxation papers dated 1809 with only one Torok and the religion is wrong. I am told that torok turned into Terek by incorrect record keeping or the name was bought. I'm not sure what buying a name means.
        > Questions:
        > 1. Do Slovaks change religion? I am very aware of social pressures in Slovak villages and find it hard to believe that this would be an easy task.
        > 2. How do I find out why a name changed?
        > 3. How do you buy a name?
        > Of course I would be thankful for any additional information.
        > Milan
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