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Re: [S-R] Dolyak researchers

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  • deeellessbee
    Julie, what a coincidence! Well, I m disappointed I didn t make any new discoveries for you, but I m glad I posted because Anna did belong to someone here.
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      Julie, what a coincidence! Well, I'm disappointed I didn't make any new discoveries for you, but I'm glad I posted because Anna did belong to someone here.

      Funny that you say they all ended up in PA. When I was growing up in Bridgeport, there were soooo many people whose families had originally come from PA. (Lots of Slovaks and others of Eastern European descent. We used to say there were more Slovaks in PA than in Slovakia!). I guess they were doing what my grandfather did - leaving the mines in PA to come and work in one of the many factories in Bpt during the war. So it looks like your family - or at least Anna and her brother - went the opposite route, from CT to PA!


      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Julie Mark" <jkmark@...> wrote:
      > Hi Debbie - thanks for the info, I think have most of that, but Anna is my
      > great grandmother!!! Anna and all four of her siblings made it to America
      > and eventually all settled in PA (Johnstown area).
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      > Subject: [S-R] Dolyak researchers
      > Last week, when several people were discussing their Dolyak ancestors, I was
      > going to mention that there were Dolyaks in Bridgeport, CT, where I grew up.
      > But I never bothered to post, thinking that no one had mentioned CT.
      > But in doing some research today, I noticed on a ship's manifest that there
      > was an Anna Dolyak, going to Bridgeport, of all places, and so I thought it
      > was a sign that I should post the information here, in case she belonged to
      > someone in the group.
      > The ship is the Friedrich der Grosse, and it left from Bremen on February 4,
      > 1899, and arrived in NYC on February 19, 1899. There is an Anna Dolyak, 18
      > and single, with no occupation, on the manifest. Anna can, I believe, read
      > and write (there is a slash mark in each column; others have dashes, which I
      > would interpret to mean they cannot read or write). She is from Orlo,
      > Hungary, and is landing in New York. Her final destination is Bridgeport,
      > CT, and I believe she does not have a ticket there. Her passage was paid for
      > by her brother. She has $8 on her and has never been in the US. She is going
      > to see her brother (unfortunately no name given) in Bridgeport. She was
      > never in prison or the almshouse and was never supported by charity. She is
      > not a polygamist, in not contracted to work, is in good physical and mental
      > health, and is not deformed or crippled.
      > There are no other Dolyaks with her. Some of the passengers listed above and
      > below her are Krol, Petrasko, and Papincsak(?) but they area from different
      > towns/countries. The Petraskos are from Hungary, from Kaproncza; don't know
      > if this is near Orlo or if they are traveling with Anna.
      > Source Citation: Year: 1899; Microfilm serial: 15; Microfilm roll: T715_48;
      > Line: 4; Page Number: 24.
      > Just posting in case this may be of some help to someone.
      > Debbie
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