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Re: [S-R] Thanks // Request for Assistance - Mokos // Orisek Family

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  • Milan Olle
    I have the Orisek name in my family. They are from Presov though. I don t know if this helps you.   Milan ... From: zhivago928
    Message 1 of 20 , Jun 15, 2010
      I have the Orisek name in my family. They are from Presov though. I don't know if this helps you.

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      Subject: [S-R] Thanks // Request for Assistance - Mokos // Orisek Family
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      Greetings to all, It's been about a year since I last posted anything here on slovak-roots but before I ask for assistance on a few things I'd like to thank Janet Kozlay, Michael Mojher and Joanne (sorry do not have your last name) for the assistance they provided me about a year ago in locating LDS microfilms on my family's history as well as providing other useful information on the family names of Mokos and Orisek. I've been able to find out a great deal of information on the Orisek family who resided and still resides in Drahovce northeast of Trnava. Thank You!!

      Now for the requests for assistance:

      1) I have not had any success in locating any Mokos's. We originally believed they resided in the town of Jaslovske-Bohunice. However after reviewing the microfilm from there (LDS FHC Film # 2386030) I have been unable to find any record of any Mokos living in this town.

      I took a look at a map of the area and noticed there is a small village about one mile to the east and slightly south of Drahovce called Jalsove. I have also determined (from ellisisland.org) that 2 x Mokos's arrived to the US in 1910 on the ship Floride and listed Yalso as their place of origin. Their names were Istfan (24) and Magdalena (19). We believe they went to Cleveland, Ohio. We think Istfan may have "Americanized" his name to Frank. Putting my map finding and the ellisisland.org finding together I'm now starting to beleive that maybe the Mokos's came from Jalsove. So my question is: Has anyone done any LDS FHC microfilm research on this village or actually travelled there?

      2) On the Orisek side of the family (LDS FHC Film #1841081) I have been able to identify a Great great Uncle that may have served in the Austria-Hungarian military. My second question is: How do I go about determining if this person, Michael Orisek from Drahovce, served in the AH military?

      3) Finally, I've been able to identify one of my mother's mother's sisters, Albertina also from Drahovce, who remained in AH and possibly became a nurse. My third and final question is: Is there a way for me to look at public educational records of the time (1900-1925) to find out more about Albertina?

      Any assistance/advice on the above questions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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