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Re: [S-R] Translate script from Hungarian Prayer Book

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  • Joe Armata
    Delighted to help solve one of life s little mysteries! Joe
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 1, 2010
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      Delighted to help solve one of life's little mysteries!


      > Joe: I can't thank you enough. A cousin of mine has this prayer book and she lives a long way from me.
      > David
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      > What was the response Joe?
      > We switched to RC .....
      > Dennis
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      >> It's from the Orthodox/Byzantine Slavonic liturgy for Easter, using the local version of Old Church Slavic written in Hungarian spelling. The priest prays: "In the body you slept as though dead, Our Lord and King, on the third day you rose from the dead, you freed Adam from his defilement (sin?), and conquered death: O eternal Sacrifice, Savior of the world."
      >> Joe
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      >>> Subject: [S-R] Translate script from Hungarian Prayer Book
      >>> I have the following script from my grandmother's Prayer Book:
      >>> "Plotyiju usznuv jako mertv Czarju I Hospodi, tridneven voszkreszl
      >>> jeszi, Adama vozdvihl ot tli, I uprazdniv szmerty: Paszcha netlyinija,
      >>> mira szpaszenjie."
      >>> Can anyone help me translate this?
      >>> David
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