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Polish or Lithuanian?

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  • J.B. Bulharowski
    Bill: Thank you Sir-Bill, I ll pass all of these words on to my Polish/Lithuanian husband. I appreciate the reply and hints for my DH Mr. Bulharowski. He
    Message 1 of 3 , May 18, 2010

      Thank you Sir-Bill, I'll pass all of these words on to my "Polish/Lithuanian" husband. I appreciate the reply and hints for my DH Mr. Bulharowski. He is beginning to suspect his background might be Lithuanian. Everyone he's spoken to says the surname is more Lithuanian than Polish (particularly a knowledgeable man researching his own "Polish" background at the LDS Center in Mesa) . My DH is fascinated and curious. We've always thought the Bulharowski name was Polish. Quite a liaison, me the Slovak and he, the questionable one. Our plot thickens.

      Anyway much thanks, I'll forward this on to him; he's taken the research-ball, so to speak, and he's attempting to run with it. If we learn anything I'll let you know.



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      Hello J. B.,
      There is very limited Poland material.
      Just go here http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp
      and see for yourself. Often using the keyword search yields better results.
      Whatever they have is rather broad-based and limited to microfilm.

      I don't recall the situation between the FHL and the countries, but clearly
      there is no work being done. You best bet is to consult a Poland genealogy
      PBS has been particularly productive.



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      Do you know if Family Search site has Polish or Lithuanian records online?
      I recollected you saying some time ago that LDS people were not permitted or
      had difficulty attempting to document those records.

      Simple searches on the site come up with nothing; no records, any
      information, suggestions?


      J.B. Bulharowski

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