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Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] Re: L'ubovnianske ku'pele, Slovakia

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  • Andrea Vangor
    Thanks, Frank -- a very scholarly account. I am forwarding it to this searcher. ... From: Frank Kurchina To:
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 3, 2000
      Thanks, Frank -- a very scholarly account. I am forwarding it to this

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      Good question and no easy answer ?
      Looked in FH Library catalog for all nearby towns parish church
      records and no reference was made to its name.

      L'ubovnianske kúpele is not a settlement but a spa and has no church.
      Kúpele means spa in Slovak.

      Already in the mid 15th century were people interested in the
      local mineral springs .
      L'ubovnianske kúpele is located 180 miles ENE of Bratislava and
      2 miles from Nová L'ubovn^a, Slovakia.

      Early in the 15th c, 16 towns in northern S^pis^ region (including
      Stará L'ubovn^a (S) O'lubló (H) [and including L'ubovnianske kúpele]
      were mortgaged to Poland, under whose rule they remained 1412-1772.

      The 15th century brought great unrest into the area what had been
      relatively quiet piece of land. The area belonged to Hungary.
      King Sigmund of Hungary had borrowed from the Polish king
      Wladyslaw Jagello II a sum of money.
      Since he was unable to return the money he put 16 Saxon municipalities
      of the Spis area at the disposal of the Polish king as a deposit.
      Technically the area remained a part of the kingdom of Hungary.
      Economically belonged to the Polish hegemony lasting for 360 years.
      The complete return of the area to Hungary was welcomed by the towns
      of the Spis area with enthusiasm.
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