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Re: [S-R] translation languages Mahren and family experiences

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  • helene cincebeaux
    hi Linda - Mahren is an old term for Moravia - think it has Germanic roots Moravia goes back to the Great Moravian Empire which covered the eastern part of the
    Message 1 of 42 , Apr 29, 2010
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      hi Linda -

      Mahren is an old term for Moravia - think it has Germanic roots

      Moravia goes back to the Great Moravian Empire which covered the eastern part of the Czech republic and western part of Slovakia in the 800 and 900s. St Syril and Method were there converting people to Christianity. Later it was the Margravate of Moravia.

      Bohemians came  from Bohemia which was a Kingdom and is now the western part of the Czech Republic.

      Do you have any old records or documents that show where your family came from?

      Not sure Bohemian is a language, likely it is a dialect of the Czech language as is Moravian. Does anyone know this for a fact?

      Bohunks - sort of an alliteration of Bohemian and Hungarian and meant anyone foreign from the Austro-Hungarian dynasty.

      When my mother was 15 and graduating 2 years early from high school they told her to get rid of her "Hunky" earrings (for pierced ears) or she would never get a job. She worked for the entity that became the US Air Corps in Washington DC during W II and helped swear in Clark Gable.

      She should have been the high school valedictorian but was called in and told the principal made a mistake and she got 3rd place and it was too late as the info was already published. She was afraid to go home not being #1 but my grandfather - ever a practical man - said they have to make speeches but you are getting $10!

      He was such a smart man - could fix anything - he had to leave school at age 13 to work in the sugar beet factory; how thrilled he was when i went to college - the first in my family.

      Bears repeating - we live today like the kings and queens and lords our ancestors slaved for - we owe our very good lives to their determination, bravery, and hard work for little pay. So nice to learn about our ancestors - pays honor to them.


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    • Bill Tarkulich
      Our group is not part of google. You must be logged on to yahoogroups with a yahoo i d. Bill On May 16, 2010, at 10:16 PM, Zoe Chandik
      Message 42 of 42 , May 17, 2010
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        Our group is not part of google. You must be logged on to yahoogroups
        with a yahoo i'd.


        On May 16, 2010, at 10:16 PM, Zoe Chandik <vehummer@...>

        > I can't seem to get in to the groups Yahoo Slovak-Roots
        > database, even tho I registered and filled out all the google forms.
        > When I was to choose Database, it was not listed. What am I doing
        > wrong?
        > On Apr 27, 2010, at 3:14 PM, haluska wrote:
        > Maura,
        > Helene's list opened a big door and smashed down a wall for me. It
        > connected me with family that I sort of knew but only saw at
        > funerals......
        > I had no idea until I reached out searching, spoke with Helene and
        > BANG
        > ! My Pilat Family is really huge.This connected me with Amberik's,
        > Feczkanin's more Pilat's and Pilot's too! Some of the names were right
        > on census records I have in my computer and they all lived on the same
        > street.
        > All from Remeniny and Cleveland. All you have to do is post,post,post
        > .....
        > Thank you Slovak - Roots and Helene once again!
        > Dennis
        > --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Bill Tarkulich"
        > <bill.tarkulich@...> wrote:
        >> Ah-ha. You bring up a relic, which has been neglected for several
        > years.
        >> Our list founder, Maura Petzholt created these databases back in
        > 2004.
        >> The idea was for you to post your surnames alphabetically, so new
        >> researchers can look for names they may be interested in. Well, years
        > go
        >> by and many of us forgot about it.
        >> I searched for and found the original messages on the subject (you
        > can
        >> too) and posted them below for your convenience.
        >> I want to caution that Helene Cincebeaux also has a similar list,
        >> http://slovakpride.homestead.com/ much larger in scope. The key to
        > all
        > of
        >> this is keeping one's email address up to date. Feel free to use it
        > for
        >> either purpose you describe, if you care to.
        >> Regards,
        >> Bill
        >> Hi all,
        >> One of the things I thought of doing while I've been ill is to
        >> develop a database of the surnames we are researching. I need your
        >> help to see if this will work :)
        >> Right now, I am only doing one table in the DATABASE section for
        >> surnames A through E -- no sense in doing all the work to set them
        >> all up til we see if this works, or fix anything that doesn't work.
        >> SO.... if you have any Slovak surnames A through E you can help
        >> out... it does not matter if they are in the old country or US or
        >> wherever, the database has a section for location.
        >> I put in a sample one... you can see it there.. but here is how I
        >> think it can work.
        >> We will have tables covering all the alphabet eventually... a space
        >> to list surname (and variations of spelling), location, your name and
        >> your email address.
        >> This is a list only, there is no space to include details.
        >> If you have those surnames, please go and add your info and we'll see
        >> how it works. I will check back in a few days and see what the
        >> reaction is, and if we need to fix anything.
        >> I'm wondering if we will have space to add years? Do you think that
        >> is needed? If we have space enough, maybe we can add that.
        >> If you have any suggestions, comments etc, please email me
        >> If this works, I am hoping to have databases
        >> covering A-Z, and depending on how much storage we use (yahoo can be
        >> limited ) maybe also do location database too. I think many of us are
        >> researching similar names and places but don't know it.
        >> Let's see if this works.. hope so!
        >> Maura
        >> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SLOVAK-ROOTS/message/9209
        >> Hi all,
        >> Yesterday I announced we were trying to establish a database for
        >> surname interests and gave directions (tho I should have listed the
        >> url for those of you not familiar with the sites yahoo webpage...)
        >> I'm glad people are interested... however..... I just spent 15
        >> minutes deleting postings that were NOT for surnames A to E... out of
        >> over 40 listings since yesterday, only 14 were correct.
        >> I'm not fussing..... but I now have very limited time to work online,
        >> and the database has to be divided up alphabetically to use the yahoo
        >> space the best way... and so people are going to have to pay
        >> attention and put entries in the correct section. I just do not have
        >> the time to delete postings in the database if they are in the wrong
        >> section (I'm sure there will be occasional mistakes... I dont' have a
        >> problem with that. I set the database up so you can -edit- your own
        >> entry like if you spelled something wrong etc, but only I can
        >> delete so that no one can delete the entire thing by accident or
        >> otherwise).
        >> So... I am going to wait a day or so to add the other sections for
        >> the rest of the alphabet... just so people can add to the A to E
        >> section , look at the database, get your names organized to enter
        > etc.
        >> I hope that is ok with everyone.
        >> Please check and see if your listings were deleted, then you are
        >> welcome to resubmit them in the correct alphabetical section when I
        >> put it up.
        >> To get to database...
        >> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SLOVAK-ROOTS (you may have to sign in)
        >> then on left column, choose DATABASE, and follow directions there.
        >> Hope this helps clear matters up.
        >> Maura
        >> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SLOVAK-ROOTS/message/9229
        >> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SLOVAK-ROOTS/message/9465
        >> There are now databases covering the entire alphabet in the database
        >> section of the groups homepage.... to use, go to
        >> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SLOVAK-ROOTS and click on Database on
        >> the left side of the page.
        >> That will bring up several choices as I divided the alphabet into
        >> sections.. PLEASE list your surnames in the correct section according
        >> to what letters are covered in the different databases.
        >> I put a sample entry up in each database in case anyone needs more
        >> information.
        >> You can put in surnames/variations, location, years and your name and
        >> email address. You can put in as many as you'd like. This database
        >> is searchable, so after we get a lot listed it will be a wonderful
        >> resource for you to use....
        >> I may not be back online til Saturday, so if there are any problems,
        >> I hope you will all help each other... but I think it should be ok.
        >> Maura
        >> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SLOVAK-ROOTS/message/9580
        >> If you want to add your surnames of interest to our Surname
        >> Database...
        >> go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SLOVAK-ROOTS then look at the
        >> left side of the page for a long box with clickable words. Choose
        >> Database.
        >> In Database, you will see several sections as the alphabet is divided
        >> up. To put your names in them, choose the correct database, and then
        >> just fill in the blanks on the submission form.
        >> Maura
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