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  • jtgen96
    Hello Don, My apologies for being so brief. I know exactly how you feel as I was there not long back. Try the following and see if it helps. NOTE THAT WHEN
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 8, 2010
      Hello Don,

      My apologies for being so brief. I know exactly how you feel as I was there not long back. Try the following and see if it helps. NOTE THAT WHEN I SAY "CLICK" IT USUALLY IS A DOUBLE CLICK OF THE LEFT BUTTON ON YOUR MOUSE. Also, although I use both a PC and a MAC everything here refers to using a PC.

      The Family History Library has put their films taken in the Presov, Slovakia archives on-line. That means that you can access them free from home. This is really nice, but it does lead to a few sleepless nights. Below is a more complete explanation of the steps I follow to get to the record referred to in the message.

      How do I know to do this -- some very kind person who works at our Family History center very graciously spent time teaching me how to use this valuable resource. Of course, to find this record took many hours of searching through each record on the film to try to locate an ancestor.

      In the message I put on this site I just put a brief outline of how to find the record on the film because in answer to an earlier question that is what someone asked for. So, in response to your question here are all the steps. I hope this helps.

      1. This is the URL:

      Of course, you enter it in your browser address bar and press enter. This takes you to the Family Search home page.

      2. On the Family Search home page just under the words "Family Search" is a menu bar. Click on "Library" and you get a dop down menu with choices.

      3. On the library page click on "Library Catalogue" and you get the library catalogue page.

      4. On the library catalogue page along the right hand side is a menu. In my case click on Film/Fische Search. If you did not know the film number you would probably click on Place and enter the place (village and below it Slovakia). You could do this in my case, too, instead of using the fische number and would enter Pichne.

      5. Let's assume you are going to enter the film/fische number. When the search page appears, after you click on Film/fisch on the menu, type in 1920566 and click on "search".

      6. On the results (of the search) page you will see 2 choices -- click on the second one.

      7. A new screen appears with 2 choices (they are in red) -- click on the one for Slovak names (the second one).

      8. A screen will appear briefly and then disappear. Wait until the second one comes into view. Click on Greek Catholic choice and another menu will appear at the right.

      9. On the menu at the rigiht scroll down until you get to Pichne and click on it.

      10. Another menu will appear at the right. This one has 3 choices. Hover over the second one and information will appear below saying there are 58 images in this film. Click on that choice.

      11. A screen with the records for Pichne will appear. NOTE 1 -- AT THE TOP IS A MENU WITH CHOICES. i usually click on full screen as it is easier to see. NOTE21 IN THE UPPER RIGHT YOU HAVE THE PAGE NUMBER FOR THE FILM. if you click on the arrow pointing right you will advance to the next page. My computer is fast and I have broad band so I can click on this fast and get to the page I want without waiting for each one to come up -- saves time if you know where you want to go. NOTE 3 IN THE LOWER RIGHT YOU HAVE A SLIDING SCALE THAT WILL CAUSE THE PAGE TO GET BIGGER/SMALLER. NOTE 4 AS YOU MOVE THE CURSOR IT WILL TURN TO A SMALL HAND. IF YOU LEFT CLICK AND HOLD IT DOWN YOU CAN MOVE THE PAGE AROUND FOR EASY READING.

      12. In my case I need to go to page 35 for the first record.

      13. In my case I need to go down page 35 to 4 Feb 1892 as that is the record I have a question about. NOTE THAT SOME RECORDS FLOW ACROSS 2 PAGES, BUT OTHERS USE ONLY ONE PAGE. IF THE RECORD USES ONLY ONE PAGE THE SECOND PAGE HAS OTHER RECORDS.

      Now can you tell me if the name of the child and the father is written in Hungarian? If so, can you tell me what that name is in English? : - ) Unfortunately, all I read is English. I wish my grandparents had taught me some of the many language they knew.


      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, Don Elias <donelias@...> wrote:
      > Can someone explain to me how I could access these records given the
      > information in this message?
      > Sorry, I have never done anything like this before.
      > Don
      > From: "jtgen96" <jtgen96@...>
      > To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [S-R] NEED HELP WITH FHL RECORD
      > Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2010 03:58:34 -0000
      > We think that we have found a birth records for 2 family members. We
      > believe that the name of the child and of the father in one record may
      > be what we know as Alexander, but written in Hungarian. In the second
      > record just the father's name appears this way.
      > Can someone tell us if we are right? Here is how to find the record in
      > the Family History Library.
      > 1. Film #1920566
      > 2. Greek Catholic
      > 3. Pichne
      > 4. 2nd Row Down -- 58 images
      > 5. Page 35
      > 6. 4 Feb 1892 -- See child's name and father's name
      > 1.
      > 2.
      > 3.
      > 4.
      > 5. Page 41
      > 6. 21 Sept 1893 -- See father's name
    • treimer@nycap.rr.com
      By the way, here is a nice old postcard from Schwalbach/Svaljava
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        By the way, here is a nice old postcard from Schwalbach/Svaljava


        Kinda forested.

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